Monday, September 19, 2016

What we can expect from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson or Jill Stein

Sick of the elections yet? I know I am, and we're still a month and a half away. I'm only interested in one issue, of course, so I haven't followed much of the other rhetoric. Below is a brief guide on each main candidate's stance on the issues:

Democrats: Hillary Clinton

I already know where Hillary Clinton stands since I covered her before in 2008:

"Last Thursday, the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Database Act of 2005 or Dru's Law was passed by the  U.S. Senate and now awaits approval by the House of Representatives. At the press conference today, Senator  Clinton and Congresswoman Lowey, backed by Rockland County Officials, called on the House of Representatives to pass the bill and on the President to sign it when it reaches his desk. Senator Clinton is also a co-sponsor of S. 1086, a more comprehensive bill aimed at cracking down on sexual  predators. S. 1086 contains Dru's law as one of its provisions. It also provides for Global Positioning System tracking devices on all violent sexual predators, establishes a new, federally maintained sex offender DNA database  to be used by law enforcement and prosecutors, and makes failing to register as a sex offender a deportable  offense. (This later became the Walsh Act)."

She also boasts of supporting the alleged victim of Brock Turner, pushing the 1 in 5 campus assault myth, and uses the human trafficking fear as a central piece of her campaign.

Hillary is not good for registrants. Don't forget her predatory hubby signed Megan's Law and the Wetterling Act.

Republicans: Donald Trump

The only direct mention on Donald Trump's views about those on registries thus far is his attack on Ben Carson comparing his rival to a "child molester:"

"You don't cure these people. You don't cure a child molester. There's no cure for it. Pathological, there's no cure for that."

Trump feels we need to be "tougher" on crime. It is speculated Trump could undo certain legal reforms like the 'Ban the Box" initiatives.

"We can have safe streets. But unless we stand up for tough anticrime policies, they will be replaced by policies that emphasize criminals’ rights over those of ordinary citizens. Soft criminal sentences are based on the proposition that criminals are the victims of society. A lot of people in high places really do believe that criminals are victims. The only victim of a violent crime is the person getting shot, stabbed, or raped. The perpetrator is never a victim. He’s nothing more than a predator." Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p. 93-94 , Jul 2, 2000

In some ways, Donald Trump could be even worse since he seems to be swayed heavily by popular opinion.

Bottom line: The big two sucks for true reform. What do the two main third party candidates offer in this department?

Libertarians: Gary Johnson

For the 2012 campaign, Johnson stated that crimes "committed online," including "fraud and child pornography," "should be investigated and treated identically as crimes not committed online." Johnson supports private, for-profit prisons. As Governor of New Mexico he dealt with overcrowded prisons (and approximately seven hundred prisoners held out-of-state due to a lack of available space) by opening two private prisons, later arguing that "building two private prisons in New Mexico solved some very serious problems - and saved the taxpayers a lot of money."

Johnson was the governor of the LAST state to adopt Megan's Law, New Mexico, in 1999, primarily as a response to potentially losing federal funding. Still, he signed Megan's Law in NM. So, I doubt he's much better for us than the big two. I can't expect much from a candidate from a party who almost had a notorious internet troll as their presidential nominee.

Green Party: Jill Stein

Jill Stein seems to be the only one who has taken criminal justice reform as a serious and central topic. According to one media outlet, "She is also the only candidate remaining in the race with a clear objective on addressing mass incarceration and police brutality. Among her criminal justice reform platforms are goals that include ending the war on drugs, releasing non-violent offenders from jail, establishing independent police review boards, and demilitarizing local police departments."

Jill Stein is the only candidate I know of who has been arrested for engaging in an act of civil disobedience. As a candidate who seems genuinely concerned about criminal justice reform and someone who is willing to stand for her beliefs even if it means arrest, I feel she would be open to hearing from anti-registry activists as well. Of the four candidates, Jill Stein seems to be the one who would be the most open to our messages of reform.


I can't tell you how to vote, but I'm sure you can guess who I'm voting for in November. (I voted for the same person in 2012, BTW).

Here is another page that summarizes each candidate's views on the criminal justice system:


  1. Heres one for the nut shell - the wall nuts . Donald Trump know being accused as a sexual abuser , will now understand how damaging accusations of sexaul abuse and whats called verbal abuse dateing back 2005 and if it did happen he did appoligize . Sounds like how life was like in the eighities and before . And most impressive , said thats not the man l am now . That should written in any defence of a time served sex offender .
    Gary Johnson , likes his pot , and it shows but again has very good points as again the age of times past . But sometimes rambles on with good intentions on a national level -- not global .
    Hillary well theirs a woman who only stands behind her man for politcal , personnal power reguardless of how many woman came between she and her husband , too include denouncing all that would get in her way defending her sexoffender husband . And any of all that support her do so by being just to young or the supreme support of female femminizim and the excuse of a glass ceiling of un fairness spoiledness thru lieing thinking that the american public can't see this in its brightest light .
    Jill Stein -- does first hand see what the DOJ and our supreme courts capability is when it comes to justice and its how much freedom is worth senario . But again needs more global experince .
    With alot of hope whom ever gets the prize will listen and except a true exceptence to move on and keep the constitition, the true value of greatness that makes this country the place where everyone that has come here legally make this country worth living and dying for that will make us equal as people on earth or eturnity . PEACE . And FORGIVENESS .

  2. Jill is not only the only one who can bring real criminal justice reform here, she is also the best one on foreign aggression. If our government can do untold crimes to innocents around the world they have less of an issue doing it here at home. Jill is the only sane choice this election, don't listen to the fear-mongers who say it is a wasted vote. A wasted vote is a vote cast without studying and without voting your conscious. We know we will get more war, more corporate power, more delaying on environmental issues, and no real justice reform under Clinton.