Monday, January 23, 2012

Occupy Extremist Feminism (Feminazism)

In my previous article, I released an article slamming both the Boston Globe and a group of extremist Feminists called the "Occupy Boston Women's Caucus" for targeting folks who have served their sentences. So now they have posted their proposal to the Occupy Boston assembly online. Lets look at it, shall we?

OB Proposal on Sa...
Occupy Boston had an encampment, and issues of sexual misconduct were present, including the presence of persons with a reported history of serious sexual crimes. Though we are no longer encamped, these concerns remain. Our intent with this proposal is to protect our community and not to vilify individuals.
Sexual Assault Awareness Proposal
1.         If an Occupy Boston activist finds that another Occupy Boston activist is a Level 3 Sex Offender they are encouraged to inform the Sexual Assault Awareness (SAA) working group with documentation from the Sexual Offender Registry Board.
2.        SAA would then ask the individual to voluntarily leave the movement for one week. They will announce that they will return to GA within a one week period and research any publicly available details of the individual in question in the intervening time.
3.        SAA will present their results at the previously announced time and ask the GA whether or not the individual in question should be allowed to stay. The question will be put to a modified proposal process, where SAA will answer questions, take points of information, hear supports and concerns from any parties (including the individual in question), and then ask the GA for a direct vote.
If 75% of the GA votes to allow the individual to stay, they can remain a member of Occupy Boston. If not, they will no longer be considered a community member. If necessary, SAA will contact the accused and relay the results of the vote.
5.        Should the offender be asked by the GA to leave and choose not to voluntarily leave, or later shows up at any public Occupy Boston events, an announcement will be made at the next General Assembly by SAA making the community aware of this.
6.  This proposal, like all proposals, is a living document and can be added to, subtracted from or amended at any time with subsequent proposals.

My question is where did this SAA group come from? Who is spearheading it? This is nicole btw, I would love to participate in it- but I have never heard of it before which sends up alarms for me.

We have to start it.  I will participate and I will make outreach calls and
emails to the groups needed to make this work.  We have two weeks,
according to the prop, to get it started.  This came from two people's
amendments and I think this will work better than depending on various
working groups already established.
I just sent the proposal to our legal team email (as listed on the wiki) and asked for any feedback and specifically about being left open for discriminatory lawsuits.  The flip side to that is that this is questioning if a level 3 is violating their probation to start with by participating in community events with children present.  I've been trying to research what the boundaries of that are but haven't been too successful.  I also asked legal for help in that.  One specific person I know is level 3 lived at Dewey Square and actively participated in demonstrations when school groups visited.  I believe this is a gross probation violation.
I also agree with sticking with primary resources, but I think having backup from independent groups (i.e., non-government possibly victim advocate groups?) is also a good idea.
Gunner, I'm leaning towards not addresses that in the proposal.  I don't know how I feel about it and I think that addressing just the physical aspect is a good start.  If anyone would like to make an amendment and present it later in addition, I'm fine with that.  I'm just not comfortable speaking on a specific standpoint when I'm not sure my feelings on it.
what about participating via online? Could be the alternative to in person participation?
OK, I have a few different comments.  I'm not sure where's the best place to put them, so I decided that this "comment stream" would work.
First, I think that this proposal does a great job of addressing the concerns that many of us share, and I'm glad that this is being done.
I think that it would be best to stick to "primary sources," if that makes sense.  So rather than using the site or the site, it may be best to use the definitions for a Level 3 sex offender as directly provided by MA laws:
Another concern that I have is a bit more difficult to address.  By relying on the definitions of a level 3 sex offender and by using the fact that at least one member of OB is a sex offender based on her registry entry, would we be in violation of the sentence that is plastered on every registry entry: "Information shall not be used to commit a crime or to engage in illegal discrimination or harassments of an offender?"  By relying on the registry entry as our primary way of singling out this individual, does this proposal cross the line of "discrimination" if we shun registered sex offenders?  Again, I agree that this proposal, or something like it, is necessary to protect our community, but I also want to make sure that we don't somehow end up opening ourselves up to a civil rights lawsuit by doing this.  Perhaps we should have a discussion with the Legal WG before this proposal is presented?
Finally, just logistically: Is Safety still an active WG?  I ask this because I honestly don't know--I've seen plenty of Safety folks around, but I'm not sure if they're still organized as a WG.

The very first sentence is already confusing enough to the average reader. The article states "issues of sexual misconduct were present, including the presence of persons with a reported history of serious sexual crimes", which obviously implies correlation between the two. That is obviously NOT true. The Occupiers were only made aware of the presence of a so-called "Tier 3" sex offender after the Boston Herald rag slammed the Boston Globe for featuring a registrant in a story about love found at the Occupy movement (already covered in my last article). But because the Extremist Feminists have infiltrated the Occupy movement, this became a point of contention for these extremists.

In a nutshell, this is what they proposed--If they found out you're a registrant, you'll be booted out for a week so people who freely admit they don't have much knowledge on such things will prod your personal life, then make a decision on your worthiness based upon your label alone. This is what discrimination looks like! Thankfully the proposal was blocked, which pissed the Feminazis off so much they left.

At least one comment on the proposal recognized the registry's disclaimer that states the info CANNOT BE USED TO HARASS A REGISTRANT. What they proposed obviously violates that rule.

So now they have a Care2 Petition up where they are complaining while distorting the facts even more. I can't imagine why they would bother at this point:

Issues of sexual misconduct have been present in Occupy Boston, including sexual assault of Occupy Boston members and the presence of persons with a documented history of serious sexual crimes. Individuals active in the Occupy Boston community attempted to address some of these concerns with the Sexual Assault Awareness proposal, which, after four, long contentious General Assemblies, was blocked without reaching a vote.

This block was a culmination of actions and events at Occupy Boston that have made women in particular and marginalized groups in general feel progressively less and less welcome. We the undersigned, while supporting the stated goals of Occupy Boston and the larger Occupy movement, strongly condemn the actions of Occupy Boston's General Assembly (GA) on Sunday, January 8 2012 and ask that Occupy Boston take immediate steps to address those actions and prevent further damage to our community

Here we go, the "If you don't cave in to our demands you're a woman hater" argument. The irony is that registrants already feel marginalized and less and less welcome thanks in large part to this women's caucus.

Without going into detail (which you can read in full if you want by clicking the link) they accuse Paul Shannon of RSOL of hijacking the GA, even calling him a "rape apologist" in the process (no doubt after reading vigilante blogs as a cheap substitute for actual research). Ironically, Occupiers have been up in arms over having their personal info published, yet they targeted Shannon and referred to him in a negative fashion. Those who walked out consider themselves to be the backbone of the local movement. To me, it sounds like the quote from Animal farm where some people are more equal than others. As with many hypersensitive people, they feel their voices were not being heard enough. TRANSLATION-- they were not allowed to dominate the meeting.

Well let's look at the GA "minutes" for that day in question. Lets see what Paul Shannon did that was so offensive.

1919: Paul Shannon stands up to block. He is concerned about the path that this type of decision takes us. His understanding (says he is not an expert) is that level 3 choosing process is illegitimate, that many level 3s are not actually a threat. Also concerned that proposal only addresses classification, not behavior. We’re saying that the US CJ system is messed up, but not on this. It’s messed up here, too. Human Rights Watch and other groups have shown that offender registries do not keep people safe. Main objection is that this approach is the opposite of what OB is about.

Oh My God! Paul Shannon had the audacity to give people THE TRUTH. I know, who wants to hear the truth huh? So the Women's Caucus complained that Shannon violated some rule about autonomy, as if being an activist is the same as running some huge special interest like say, a Women's Caucus with an extremist agenda. That's more like the pot calling the Kettle black. I'm curious if I would be considered a "profession activist" had I been there because I damned sure would have raised the exact same questions. Now, I haven't exactly been a supporter of RSOL over the years and we really don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but for once I'm in agreement with Paul Shannon.

Feminism, as with any ISM, does not support equality. Many complain of stuff like rape culture and patriarchy, but much of society favors women, ESPECIALLY the "Justice System."

  1. Women have the advantage in the courts-- battered woman's syndrome, rape shield laws, defenses based upon hormonal changes from pregnancy/menopause/PMS/etc., advantages in custody battles
  2. There is a double standard in sentencing guidelines, mainly based upon gender views (women seen as having psychological issues/ unmet emotional needs, where all men are seen as predatory)
  3. Acts of misandry are seen as entertainment or condoned, as in the recent case of the woman who cut her husband's penis off and threw it in a garbage disposal; after all, the man MUST'VE done something to deserve this, huh? If someone cut off a woman's breast, would anyone find that funny?

Again, no ISM has ever brought equality. If we must "Occupy" anything at all, we should be begin with knowledge. Occupy your mind with the facts. Blind hatred as propagated by extreme feminists have destroyed innocent lives, from the McMartin trial to the 9 year old child on the registry. Truth and Equality are not ISMs.

Feminists blaming the victim and engaging in victim bashing? No, it must be my imagination.

what they really mean--You cannot Occupy Wall Street unless you emasculate yourself.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Occupy this, Boston Globe!

Question: If you vote against allowing certain disenfranchised members of society, like RSOs, from being part of the Occupy Movement, what word describes that action? Answer: Hypocrisy.
The media has been romanticized far too much in our society-- the ethical journalist that stops at nothing to get to the facts, telling society the truth instead of what we want to hear. We all know that's bullshit, thanks in large part to the efforts of Faux News and the Howling Ladies Network. With traditional paper-print news media becoming a thing of the past, the few that remain are becoming no different than their TV counterparts.

It all began with a simple feed-good story-- two young lovers who met at Occupy Boston. Aw, how adorable, right? That was, until the gossip-rag posing as a real newspaper The Boston Herald decided to dig up dirt on the featured Occupy couple. It was a gossip-hound's dream--the man in the article was on the public registry and was homeless, the likely result of being on the registry. The Herald took it a step further, contacting the girlfriend and the reporter, who stated it was not an issue, but then took it to a supervisor. The Herald than states:

Jennifer Peter, the Globe’s deputy managing editor for local news, said the paper wouldn’t have run the piece if they’d known Stitham was a sex offender. “We were unaware of his status and would have opted not to do the story had we known,” Peter said in an email last night.

The Poynter Institute Blog (in Florida of all places) wrote another piece on the Globe article, and Craig Silverman does make an interesting point:

So it seems that what the Globe is saying is that, given Stitham’s history, it wouldn’t have written a love story about this couple. Knowing the criminal history ahead of time would have killed the romantic story, but could have led to another narrative. 

So let me get this straight, a person is not allowed to be in love because he is on the list? I guess I should add falling in love to the list I created that registrants are not allowed to do, in addition to the new proposals that keep Registrants from participating in rehab programs funded by federal grants or to lose the benefit of tax breaks for those few people hiring them in Florida. Thank you, Boston Herald!

Of course, it is not enough for the Boston media to drag some poor guy through the mire, the Occupy Boston movement is dividing over whether or not to allow Tier 3 sex offenders to be a part of the movement. It is disappointing to see a movement so fragmented over the disenfranchisement and a system funded by political corruption, but unfortunately there is also a strong extreme feminist (aka Feminazi) presence in the Occupy Movement, and quite frankly, it is alienating many men. Below are comments from women in an Occupy Boston GA as told by the Boston Phoenix:
So on December 27, an Occupier named Sarah Barney brought a proposal to the GA to ban sex offenders. Her proposal generally states that if a member of Occupy Boston is found to be a level-three sex offender (a person convicted of a sexual crime whom the court deems to be at especially high risk for reoffending), the Safety working group would ask them to leave for one week, during which time the GA would vote on whether the accused should be asked to leave Occupy Boston permanently. For Barney, a mother who often brought her five-year-old son to Occupy Boston, the issue was larger than the mutual-aid proposal. "It stemmed from one specific incident, finding out that someone who lived at Dewey Square had gone to jail for nine years for two counts of sexual assault and rape of children under the age of 16," said Barney. Some of people at the GA were opposed to restricting anyone from Occupy Boston based on the state's sex-offender standards. Even Barney said she can agree with these concerns, to an extent. "I do understand where they're coming from," she said. "I don't think the American justice system or the police departments work effectively, and a lot of people get through the cracks. If you're a certain race or economic status, you get away with a lot more. That's one of the reasons I'm at Occupy Boston." That's why Barney limited the proposal to level-three sex offenders. "It's pretty hard to be labeled 'level three' unless you've gone someplace pretty dark, pretty violent, pretty bad," she said.... 
Whether or not Shannon had disclosed his affiliation, Occupy Boston's system of direct democracy means that even a person who had rarely attended Occupy events in the past could come to an assembly and "kidnap it," as Women's Caucus member Ren Jender described it to me the next evening.... "A lot of us have been surprised that for a progressive community, how in line [Occupy Boston] is with the mainstream as far as not taking women seriously, tolerating harassment of women, both verbal and physical," said Jender, who was among the walk-outs. "This is something that has been brewing for a while. . . . Things really are not changing. Once one problem is gone . . . another one appears."
"As it went on, it became really painfully obvious how broken things are and how far we have to go to repair them," Women's Caucus member Ariadne Ross said the next morning. "By the end of the night I was feeling worse than when we started." "The community doesn't have a good way for dealing, through the process, with blocks of that nature," said Ross. "Is it really consensus if eight or nine people can thwart what seemed like the strong will of the whole of Occupy Boston? No, I don't think so. "[It's] the culture of misogyny that prevails in our society at large," she added. "Like it or not, we're a microcosm of that society."
The Feminists are alienating disenfranchised men in general but the propaganda is acidic to say the least. I hate to see this happen but the movement is in too much trouble now to alienate even more members. The bottom line--this event should never have happened. Boy meets girl, they get married, cute story, end of story. Instead we have a shameful even that creates a black cloud over an entire movement.

Below is the Women's Caucus "Womyn's Statement":

The following statement was read by members of the Occupy Boston Women’s Caucus during the General Assembly on Saturday, November 18:
We, the women of Occupy Boston, are here to tell you that two months is far too long to have occupied without a feminist perspective.
Downwardly-mobile middle-class white men are finally realizing what women and people of color have known for too long. Capitalism is destructive. Capitalism oppresses and exploits. If you’re not talking about sexism and racism, you’re not talking about economic justice.
“A few bad apples” can’t exist without a community that condones their attitudes and behaviors. Oppressive language and behavior are an effort to limit our participation and silence our voice.
We chose to disrupt the GA because those with privilege have avoided spaces devoted to anti-oppression, when they are the ones who most need to hear this.
As the 99%, we must actively break down the systems which divide us.
Women have historically been the spine of social justice. We are the 52%, without us, revolution is impossible.

Well, all I can say is they should look at their fellow Occupiers in Portland, OR, that other town with a large liberal crowd on the other side of the country, and learn from them. Says a woman in Portland:

"It doesn't concern me, ‘cause I lived in Southeast Portland where there's one in every corner and every house anyways," Julianne Dunn says. "You never know when you could be attacked wherever you're at. So you have to be aware of your surroundings."

Meh, big deal she says. My fingers are raised and waving in approval. One more for good measure:

"He's registering as the law requires and he's paid his debt to society," said mother Jennifer Alexander, who stopped by the camp with her family on Monday. "There are plenty of registered sex offenders all over these surrounding blocks. It's not a new thing for this area or Portland." 

Live and learn. Portland gets it. Boston doesn't.


The Boston Globe, for adding the disclaimer

Boston Herald: Only a step up from the Boston Strangler. This is the best thing you can to a copy of the Boston Herald. Well, besides bird cage liner or toilet tissue.

Jessica Heslam: I don't know which is more yellow-- her hair or her journalism
All this "Womyn" business is dividing the movement. And the 52% bit? I thought this was Boston, NOT South Park.

Way to represent the Women's Caucus, Ren Jenders. I always thought it was Stimpy that was the idiot.

Womyn: "We are the 52%!" Well, since there are only 48% of us who are men, someone either has to double up on the guys or get left out in the cold. These must have been the latter.

Extreme Feminism, aka "Feminazis": Because there is nothing Equal about "Isms"