Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okay, I'm ready to start working again

After four long months of battling depression, a psychotic ex-fiancee, the loss of my mother, and a move to Cincinnati, I am ready to settle down and get back to work

I had a lot of time to step back and see a lot of sights I have never seen before. My mother wanted to travel, so I've taken her ashes with me while I visited some old familiar places, along with new places she would have enjoyed.

I walked the pier at Newport Beach, California. I took my mom to the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim. I sampled fresh cheese at the Tillamook cheese factory. I ate frog legs in a restaurant my mom used to work at in my hometown. I watched the sun set on the Pacific ocean along the rocky Oregon coastline. I grew a collection of postcards, key chains, and refrigerator magnets of these places I visited. I've even discovered a penchant for taking photographs.

Mom liked seeing new places. There were many places she never seen, nor have I until recently. Thanks to those I have befriended in recent months, I've had the opportunity to do something I never had before. In a way, mom was there to see it, too.

With renewed strength, I return to work. This year should see new projects from the Once Fallen brand name, including a revised version of my groundbreaking book. Those of us who work to fight these laws should take the time to get out of the house and try something new, or at least something you enjoy. I feel better today than I have at any point in 2010. I think it is important to keep refreshed and well rested.