Friday, June 10, 2016

People are downplaying the significance of the sentence of the so-called "Stanford Rape Case." Here is another place where they are wrong

I don't have to mention the hypocritical outrage of so-called Liberals (who have far more in common with Conservatives when it comes to the criminal justice system), seeing as how Mark Joseph Stern of Slate already does a good job of picking that bit apart. People are so mad at Brock Turner's "mere six month" sentence with three year's probation, they've gone so far as threaten the judge

The basis argument against the sentence is he's only getting half a year in prison. Considering the rate at which California inmates convicted of sex crimes are attacked or murdered in prison, even six months in a California prison is nothing to downplay. However, they downplay the difficulties faced by those on probation, much less those forced to register as a sex offender. 

First off, life on the registry is no cakewalk. California registrants ("290s") are on it for LIFE. The faces of everyone on that list are there for anyone in America to see it, from Bangor to Guam to Miami to Barrow. He has to register every year within 5 days of his birthday, or every time he moves. Registered citizens are often subject to residency restrictions, and in California, residency restrictions have been a particularly hot button issue. Until last year, California had imposed 2000 foot residency restrictions on all registrants, until a court case forced the state to scale back the restrictions to only certain types of offenders, including those on probation. (California also allowed park bans until the courts struck that down, too.) Failing to register is a felony, and if Turner forgets to add even detail about his location, he could spend more time just failing to disclose information than he got for his alleged rape. 

What does it really mean to be on the public sex offender registry? It means an increased probability of unemployment, welfare dependence, homelessness, and discrimination on the job and an decreased probability of having the kind of jobs that earn a decent wage. (Registrants looking to state their own businesses can't get a federal small business loan, either.)It means the ever present threat of vigilante violence, including property damage, assaults, and even murder. These effects are also experienced by the families of registrants. Registered citizens are also banned from a number of places and events, like parks, libraries, celebrating Halloween, dressing in costumes, hosting charity events, and so on, and even good deeds performed by registrants are met with suspicion. 

Being a registrant on supervision can be worse. Many prisoners have been returned to prison for arbitrary "violations," such as missing the PO's call, being late to meetings, even possessing a mundane item a PO may lead to prison time without a trial. 

If the registry wasn't that big of a deal, then why would a man choose to take a felony charge with 4 years jail time instead if taking a misdemeanor plea which included registration? SCOTUS claimed it isn't punishment, but everyone knows otherwise. Lets stop pretending Brock Turner got off lightly. His time has only just begun. 


  1. Excellent point/s Derek. It all comes down to "Equal Protection Under The Law", referring to the degree and extent of punishment which comes with a sex offense, but no other criminal charge / conviction. Punishment should seek to 'change or correct behavior' and justice should seek to be restorative. Retaliating and vindictive actions are types of perpetration, bottom-line, and currently how we think and operate far too often in matters of punishment and justice.

  2. Can't wait for the real confusion when men rape men and woman rape woman and words of equal protection of the law only pertain to those who wrote the laws and hide behind them . Then again we will see that the equal protection under law will always favor the female as fragile and helpless . This also is not true . The twist and turns are how words are used, sodomy, rape, intercourse, pedophile, visiual stimulation and manual stimulation of both male or female now known as self abuse .
    As the plea deal also give the law makers the pleasure of not having to purjure them self for false conviction that results in murder always called suicide of a possible innocent human incarcerated by accusations with no DNA .
    The breaking news from oakland yet another police chief removed after six days on the job and a number of officers had sex with a teen age prostitute . Mayor Libby Schaaf reported . That the interim police chief Ben Fairow involved " disgusting allegations " . But the previous police chief Sean Whent after 21 years just resigned . I wonder why ? Maybe Mayor Schaaf should inquire the age of the prostitute teenager, 13 to 19 would be an educated guess .male ? female ? transgender ? Most likely selling sex is no crime just excepting the offer is . More on the registry sign em up . Jury and trial and the arrest of the prostitute . Thats fair . Then we can find out who the parents are . Bring them all to trial Mayor .

    1. If Mayor Schaaf was smart she would check the missing persons and exploiyted childrens reports for the area . The youths may be left overs from supper bowel 50 . Or maybe Mayor Schaaf could concider a new red light district , her department already know the clientel . Oh and don't for get all that tax payer money going to legal fees jail time and paid incarceration benifits .
      A must in this new age legal corruption - reveal the parents names and ocupations . And no youthful offender get out of jail free cards Mayor Schaaf . Arrest the whole family .