Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sandusky's Guilty. Now what?

The Jerry Sandusky guilty verdict undoubtedly surprised no one, except maybe for the news breaking so late in the evening. This time is a good time to point out a few things about this entire debacle. .Now that Sandusky is convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse, you must take a hard look at this man in relation to Megan's Flaw.

Megan's Law and subsequent laws, like the Adam Walsh Act and Jessica's Law, were birthed in high-profile cases. When we think of the registry, we think of people like Sandusky. However, if you look on the Megan's Law list, you would not find Jerry Sandusky's face. I discussed this detail in a previous blog post.No registry, no residency restriction, no GPS monitoring, no signs in the lawn, and no scarlet letter law could have prevented this man from committing sex crimes, because he is among the about 95% of sex crime cases that are committed by those with no prior record.

The second point. We think everyone on the registry is a Jerry Sandusky type offender, they all got a slap on the wrist, and so on. Well, people like Jerry Sandusky will never see the light of day. Then there are those who are out and on the list. All 750,000 of them will pay for what Sandusky did somehow. Some new law, some more tightening of the screws, and more vigilante violence.

Across the country, in Washington state, two people were being put to rest as a criminal with a history of drugs and assault shot and killed two people on the list and planned to kill a third. Both were free, they served their time and had been out for years without incident. One of the men was a 28 year old man who, at age 17, had a consensual relationship with another teen who was deaf. The parents did not approve and the boy was charged with the ominous sounding "first-degree rape." Since then, he got married and had two kids. These two children will grow up with out their father, and the person who murdered their father is declared a hero by society with Jerry Sandusky on their minds.

Patrick Drum did not kill two "Jerry Sanduskys." Nor did Sandusky's victims ever find him on the list.

The registry protects no one.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

ACTION ALERT: Please help Leslie Blanton lay her husband, and father of two sons, to rest

This is a cross-post from the ESCAPE website, none of this is my work, I'm merely re-posting for other people's benefit.

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Please help Leslie Blanton lay her husband, and father of two sons, to rest

Last week, 28-year-old Gary Blanton was gunned down in Port Angeles, Washington. He left behind a widow, Leslie, and two little boys, Skylar and Gary Junior.

Leslie is a young now single mother struggling to carry on; the funeral home has been very generous in allowing her extra time to come up with the funds to bury Gary and hold a service for him. However, she is still just over $3,000 short and out of options as of tomorrow.

Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and put towards funeral expenses for this dearly loved husband and father. Leslie and her loved ones thank you very much for your compassion!