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Cyber-bullying is a growing issue, but one not yet taken seriously. Despite the prevalence of cyber-crimes, cyber-hate, and cyber-bullying, little has been done to prevent or deter it. It took a LOT of public pressure just to get Facebook to remove hate groups denying the Holocaust. Facebook seems to be a cesspool of blind hate and stupidity. From what I've been told, you can find groups and pages on everything on Facebook.

Now, I could personally care less about Facebook. Putiing Mark Sucker-berg's stupid face on Time magazine shows how little we value real contributions to society. The Social Network winning movie awards is an even bigger joke. Facebook is essentially a grown up My Space where adults can cyber-bitch and cyber-complain like it is junior high school. There are no shortage of hate sites on Facebook, which all the more reason for people to get together for promoting hatred. I have enough hate to read without bothering going there.

Facebook technically bans sex offenders from using the website (though it is a TOS violation rather than a national law, though some states make it illegal). However, there is no shortage of Facebook pages to attack individuals on the sex offender registries. Thankfully since I'm no fan of FB, I have friends that are happy to send screen shots to me to show me what I'm missing. Below is one profile's list of groups she has joined pretty much all advocating hatred and violence against those on the registry:

I think it is funny how people keep telling me one common thread between many vocal witch hunters is the underlying misogyny in many of these groups. Not so say men do not get involved, but the majority are women.

Below are a few typical comments and mantras from these hate groups. Somehow, Facebook does not feel the need to remove such hate groups, yet registrants are not allowed on Facebook because of fears they will troll for kids. I'm not so sure people who join these type groups are not involved in criminal activity. At the least, harassment and bullying tactics tend to be the norm:

The group claims what they are doing is legal, yet their goal is to "exile" registrants and make them "extinct." Sounds like threatening behavior to me. As shown by SOI, the "No Peace For Predators" group

This comment is pretty self explanatory. This page also links to that No Peace For Predators page.

A person using a different organization to promote the vigilante and cyber-bully site Perverted-Justice. Speaking of Pee-J, they must not have the money train they once had during their heyday on Dateline NBC. There are a few people who are members of Pee-J on Facebook and who make themselves available to find. I'd rather give props to the counter site Corrupted-Justice, which has Pee-J's number. Perverted-Justice and all its members can go to hell. It is interesting to note on that "causes" page, they have raised no money for Pee-J. That's is hilarious!

My question is shouldn't Facebook be for adults only? If you want to protect kids, keep them off Facebook. That being said, this reeks of Jim Crowe. What next, separate water fountains?

These hate groups tend to support each other. They throw out the "P" words (perv, pred, and pedo), and use terms like monster. This is what you call dehumanization, a common tactic to create virtual lynch mobs and serve only to promote even more online hatred.

Here are typical hate comments from misinformed, uneducated people. The second one is even funnier. If you are a man, you cannot be too friendly with kids lest you be considered a possible sexual predator.

A Perverted Justice troll at work. Even if someone online is a registered person, it does not mean he is trolling for kids.

No Peace For Predators-- Paranoid much? Notice the one comment proudly proclaiming sex offenders should be harassed. They also believe sites that advocate for the rights of former offenders are all "pro-pedophile" websites. They sound a lot like Absolute Zero.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are many hate groups and trolls on Facebook, hating on every subject known to man. However, I'd like to know what these people who run these hate groups hope to accomplish? Some groups, like Perverted Justice or No Peace For Predators, advocate various strong-arm tactics, harassment, and threats to promote their cause. If you disagree with such groups, you tend to be labeled a pedophile supporter/enabler or a pedophile yourself, and attacked en masse. The irony is many use religion to justify their hatred. That is all the more appalling.

Addendum: Thank you SOI for letting me know No Peace For Predators is trying to suppress the video they released showing them harassing a man on the registry.

Untitled from Brian Elfstrom on Vimeo.

"Once a child predator always a child predator."
"You filty disgusting human being-- waste of air."
"We're not sick in the head like you"
"He's still a sexual predator, it does not matter"
"We're going to bring him out on a wagon."
"You can't rehabilitate these people."
"You WILL do it again."

David Rowe admits that the man was not breaking any laws (though I think it is poor judgement on part of the victim) but decided to harass him anyways; they even suggested opening a day care to "flush him out." Personally I would have sold it to Rowe for a profit. I hate how people think they are justified because the guy is on the registry. I see it as a crowd of bullies against one man.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RIP Mary Duval

Cross-posted from the Once Fallen website.

NOTICE: Paypal donations to help cover Mary's final expenses can be made through, a 501(c)3 organization (Be sure to add a note when you donate). Cards and direct donations can be made to-- D. Logan, 765 Mesa View Drive, Space 24, Arroyo Grande, Ca., 93240.

Mary Duval: A Requiem For A True HeroDerek W. Logue -- June 19, 2011
"Live your life in such a way that when you wake in the morning and your feet hit the floor that Satan shudders and says, 'OH hell, she's awake'." -- Mary's favorite quote, often seen at the end of her posts.

Mary Duval went to be with The Lord on June 19, 2011. She was a dedicated mother and activist, and left behind a lasting legacy through her short life on this planet. Through Mary's tireless efforts and dedication, the difficult issue of legal reform of American sex offender laws to national prominence, and inspired the passage of laws to protect juveniles from a lifetime on the public registry for consensual acts with their peers. Mary successfully fought to have her teenage son removed from the public registry for a consensual relationship with a peer. Mary also helped bring attention to the plight of those former offenders forced to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, FL. Mary dedicated her life to this cause even after her son was removed from the registry and the discovery of cancer within her body. She was a true altruist, continuing to work as CEO of and making public speaking appearances. Mary Duval is a true hero in every sense of the word.

Ricky's Life
"I'm simply a mom who is not going to rest until my child and thousands of others like him are free of the registry which was never meant for teen consensual sex. Watching my son's dreams of being a Navy officer burn to nothing only makes my determination stronger and hopefully I can give him back some of those dreams so he will smile again." -- Mary Duval, June 29, 2007 article

After Mary's teenage son Ricky was listed on the public registry for a consensual act with his girlfriend, Mary founded the website She began a petition campaign through Ricky's Life and raising awareness through sharing her family's story. Ricky's story spread to many outlets, from the Ethical Treatment of All Youth website to Minnesota Public Radio.

Mary discovered the sex offender reform groups SOSEN and SO Clear Media through her growing network of supporters of her cause. Those who worked with her soon realized they discovered a rare gem. Mary did not let her physical disabilities interfere with her determination. The "little spitfire" felt the pain of many more individuals negatively impacted by the increasingly stringent sex offender laws, and felt called to further action. While she still fought for her son's freedom, which was pressuring the Oklahoma government to reform current sex offender laws, Mary turned her attention to the larger problem of the sex offender registry and the laws it created.


"Days have passed since our return home and one thing which remains is the desperation and tragedy in Bryans voice as he reflected on his future under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Is there any way for me as a mother, an advocate and a human to help these men and women? Daily I work with many who suffer because of these laws and yet should my son and I be thankful we do not live under a bridge? Will this day come? We realize now as we are back home in our trailer with running water and food, a warm bed to sleep in that maybe, even though these laws are destroying our lives and my family is the collateral damage, that we should be thankful for the small blessings we have. These include; a group of advocates and friends who care, a home and, most of all, we have each other. Indeed it’s the small blessings we should be thankful for." -- Mary Duval, Commentary from her trip to the Julia Tuttle Causeway, April 19, 2009

Around the same time Mary began her fight to remove her son from the public registry, there was another crisis forming under the Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge in Miami, Florida, as registered citizens were forced to live in deplorable conditions. Mary visited the JTC camp (also called the "Bookville" camp after the controversial lobbyist who created the camp) while in Miami to be interviewed for the Spanish talk show "Cristina." Mary called it "America's dirty little secret." Mary Duval, as co-host of ARC Talk Radio, raised a level of awareness to the JTC plight in a way not covered by the national media. Mary, with host Kevin, interviewed JTC residents and even Ron Book, the lobbyist who supported the 2500 foot residency restrictions that created this crisis. Mary was named spokeswoman for the camp by the residents. Media outlets as far away as Germany and Russia covered this travesty, and Miami was the center of an international embarrassment.

Long after she succeeded in having her son removed from the public sex offender registry, and knowing collateral consequences did not end with removal from that list, didn't Mary Duval continued a run of public appearances: CNN, the 2010 RSOL National Conference, the John Stossel Show, and her meeting with Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids.

As Mary prepared to confront controversial advocate Mark Lunsford at the steps of CNN in Los Angeles in September 2010, Mary's health took a turn for the worse. Mary had suffered from Marfan Syndrome, which had claimed her eyesight, but not her spirit. Now doctors discovered cancer and would undergo chremotherapy. Despite her deteriorating health, she still faithfully performed her duties as co-host of ARC Talk Radio, CEO of SOSEN, and making public appearances. In what would be her final full length interview, Mary made an appearance on Nevada Newmakers in April 2011. Mary's health became critical as she suffered complications from Marfan's and the chemotherapy, and slipped into a coma. She never recovered and was declared dead on the morning of June 18, 2011.

Mary leaves behind her two sons, Ricky and Eric, as well as many followers and supporters. Her dedication, altruism, and fire for this movement are legendary, and she will be sorely missed not just as a fellow sex offender reformist, but as a close friend of mine.

I began working with Mary in 2008 during her days working with SO Clear Media. I knew from the moment we first started working together, she was someone special. Mary Duval is irreplaceable both as an advocate and a dear friend. Mary took the time to volunteer for the National RSO Support Hotline. She was also on my "My Faves" five for years. She was a light to those forced to live under the bridge in Miami, as well as homeless registrants across the country.

Mary IS a TRUE HERO in every sense of the word. I am going to miss picking on her about her dangerous dogs and the Oklahoma Sooners, the weekly sharing of ideas, hearing her voice on ARC Talk Radio, and the times we encouraged each other during our down times. She helped me proofread the Once Fallen book, and promoted it tirelessly. I'll miss the friendly banter during the SO Clear VAT classes; it makes me wish we had recorded them. I believe the best way to honor her is continue her legacy and continue to fight for reform of current sex offender laws.


Another Memorial from the "Walking in my F'ing Shoes" Blog:

A Memorial Video by Sex Offender Issues Blog:

Memorial page from the eAdvocate website:

Memorial Page by Free Range Kids

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June is False Allegations Awareness month!

In Stalinist Russia, innocent people were presumed guilty if reported as ‘Enemies of the Motherland.’ They were sent to the Gulag or executed without due process. In the United States of America, citizens are presumed guilty if reported as ‘Domestic Abusers.’...they lost their jobs, their mental health, their reputation, their trust in justice, and their self-esteem.”  -- Natasha Spivack, speaking at the first False Allegations Summit at Washington DC, June 2011

As a recent victim of abuse and a false allegation by a certain mentally ill ex-girlfriend who shall remain nameless, I have become increasingly aware of the plight of individuals, particularly men accused of domestic or sex crimes. I have already discussed the concept of legal misandry in an earlier post. I've also discussed false allegations on my main website. However, in light of recent revelations, I felt the need to address the issue even more.

A recent survey of over 10,000 people compiled by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) on false allegations revealed that 11% of respondents stated they were falsely accused of a crime, with 81% of those falsely accused, and nearly half were falsely accused of sexual abuse.In an age of increasing paranoia over sex crimes, the likelihood of being falsely accused is a very real possibility, especially in custody disputes.

For more info on false allegations, visit the following websites:


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A Prayer for Mary Duval, a true warrior of this movement

Recently, both Free Range Kids and SOSEN.ORG announced that Mary Duval, the CEO of SOSEN and fiery civil rights advocate, has slipped into a coma from health complications and her chances of survival are less than slim. As someone who lost his mother just this past August, I fully understand the pain the family she may be leaving behind is going through. We rarely have time to grieve while making those final arrangements and trying to figure out where that money is going to come from. Mary's son Ricky, whose own personal experiences with overbearing sex offender laws inspired Mary to advocate for sex offender reforms, will be left behind to help care for his younger brother, who is still a minor.

TO HELP THE DUVAL FAMILY DURING THIS CRISIS, SEND YOUR DONATIONS TO WWW.SOSEN.ORG (Don't forget to earmark it for the Duval family) -- Go through Sosen, not this site, to donate to them.

I've known Mary since 2008, when we worked together at SO Clear Media, creating videos to educate the public about sex offender laws. It didn't take long for me to realize we had a true warrior on our hands (a rarity considering how many people are afraid of advocating sex offender legal reform). It did not take long for people to see that either, because she became the head of SOSEN in 2009 and co-host of ARC Talk Radio. She has made made many public appearances in the national media, but even then made time to deal with my petty ideas, concerns, and projects, including proofreading my eBook Once Fallen. She made plenty of time to volunteer for the National RSO Hotline.

Mary Duval became in every sense of the word the face of this movement. She increased awareness of the plight of those forced to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway camp. The JTC residents named her spokesperson. She even helped convince Bookville (JTC camp) Emperor Ron Book to the ARC Talk Radio show. She has made more public appearances than I can count, from CNN to public speaking appearances to the John Stossel Show.

We were first made aware of Mary's health issues in September 2010, as she prepared to confront the controversial Mark Lunsford on the steps of the CNN building in L.A. Even in her condition, Mary still made it to Washington DC for the SORNA Congressional Hearings and a TV interview for Nevada Public Television.

We can only pray for Mary's speedy recovery at this point. Much like my mother, she's a strong fighter.

Here is another very good dedication post to her, it is a very good read.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its okay to tell.... the truth about Ron and Lauren Book.

From one exploiter of sex offenders to another: Lauren Book fawns over Mark Lunsford's infamous "Save a child, Hang a Pedophile" badge. I wonder if Lunsford was drunk that day, too.

I have to admit, I flat out despise Ron Book and his daughter Lauren Book-Lim. My faorite memory of Ron Book will always be the day I got Ron Book so angry he was screaming on the ARC Talk Radio (around the 1:35:00 mark) show. I'm not the only one who dislikes the Books, and it is not just because he was the Emperor of "Bookville" (a.k.a. The Julia Tuttle Causeway Causeway Sex Offender Camp). I have an entire article on that saga already, so I won't go too deep into that subject. I will, however, bring up some more of the Book's recent controversies.

Book is currently under investigation by the FBI for issues related to South Florida corruption in politics:

In Broward and Tallahassee politics, influence peddling comes in countless forms. Here's one currently under investigation by the federal government:

A powerful lobbyist, seeking to curry favor with a state senator and benefit a major client, helps to secure the senator's boyfriend a job at the development firm the lobbyist represents. The boyfriend also happens to be a Housing Authority honcho who goes on to oversee two new multimillion-dollar publicly financed projects with the very developer who hired him.

This is one scenario that sources say the FBI is currently investigating as part of a major probe that involves recently convicted GOP fundraiser and lobbyist Alan Mendelsohn, who had deep ties to numerous politicians, including former Gov. Charlie Crist, former Senate President Ken Pruitt, embattled Congressman David Rivera, and state Sen. Eleanor Sobel. The same federal investigation also involves several figures from the massive Mutual Benefits Corp. Ponzi scheme, including MBC fraudster Joel Steinger, who is awaiting trial on federal charges himself.

Here are the players in the scenario:

The lobbyist: Ron Book, who represents a host of governments, including Broward County, and private clients, including the Miami Dolphins, as perhaps the most powerful lobbyist in Florida.

Ron Book apparently has not reformed since his own conviction for illegal campaign contributions in the mid-1990s.From what I've seen, corrupt South Florida politics are par for the course. Maybe that is partly the reason why he remains one of the most sought-after lobbyists in Dade County (in fact, many local news hounds call him the uber-lobbyist). For the right price he'll even represent both sides of the issue (though it is unethical if not illegal).

Well, whats a person to do while his Empire slowly closes in on him? Like Rod Blagojovich and Bobby Jindal, the best way to divert attention is to bring up the sex offender issue. Ron Book is President of an organization that bears his daughter's name (Lauren's Kids). An organization that lobbied for a law named for Lauren which, among efforts to deny the accused the right to a fair trial, also put $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS into an already fully funded program. Book is denying he asked for that money while admitting he asked for TWICE as much. Well, you can always use that money to shelter those Bookville residents now forced to sleep in the parking lots at the Florida Dept. of Corrections:
TALLAHASSEE — It pays to be the daughter of a super lobbyist, but things can get complicated.
In the final days of the legislative session, lawmakers amended a bill to protect children from sexual abuse that gave $1.5 million to Lauren's Kids, a nonprofit run by the daughter of Ron Book, the Tallahassee uber-lobbyist from Miami.

The problem is, according to all accounts, neither of the Books asked for the money. The bill, HB 215, says the money must be used to finance a 24-hour abuse hotline and pay for sexual abuse prevention education in schools — programs already offered by Lauren's Kids without state funding.

The money the Books did ask for but did not receive: $3 million to finance the cost of relocating victims of sexual assault who are too threatened to remain at home. Instead, the late-session allocation was tacked onto a bill victim advocates had worked on all year. Among other things, the bill limits a defendant's access to child pornography evidence, allows the admission of prior sexual crimes as evidence and ensures the HIV testing of sex offenders.

The House sponsor, Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, says the House objected after the Attorney General's Office raised concerns that the Senate plan to put $3 million into the victims relocation fund would not be enough to pay for relocation of sexual abuse victims. It didn't want to risk running out of money and having to tap funds for a current program that pays for relocation costs of domestic abuse victims. Book and other supporters disagreed, but the House wouldn't back down. "There is no denying our staff had trouble with that,'' Dorworth said. But he quickly added: "The language didn't originate in the House."

No one disputes the issue got attention from House and Senate leadership because it had Book's name attached.

The commenters are showing how South Floridians are catching on to the corruption:

geoteacher May 13, 2011 4:17 PM
Corruption Period! Paying off legislators with taxpayer funding Repbulican friends. What a way to do business. Let's ask Bondi to put them in jail? Nah, can't do that, she is a Republican.

JohnQCitizenMD May 13, 2011 3:55 PM
Shenanigans, period.

seminolebuck1 May 13, 2011 5:05 PM
can you say "bribery"? Ronnie is super scummy!

JohnQCitizenMD May 13, 2011 6:14 PM
Here are your Republicans being fiscal hawks. The area they demand the money be used in (1.5 MILLION) is already being funded without state aid. This is right up there with the Taj Mahal.

sundog May 13, 2011 9:39 PM
another fine example of the florida legislative branch's complete sense of entitlement fueled by self interest and their never ending quest for personal power and especially personal profit.

FL Geezer May 14, 2011 3:21 AM
Let's see. About 20 Large for Hari-dope's Senate campaign gets you $1,500,000 from Hari-dope's "Money Pit." What a country !!!

seminolebuck1 May 14, 2011 11:06 AM
how long is Ronnie gonna milk his daughter's misfortune?

mattgordonmd May 15, 2011 12:08 AM
"It's always going to be difficult when a high-priced lobbyist advocates for or against something, but that doesn't make it bad,'' said Book"
- Ron, you are being disingenuous. The bill that granted your daughter's "foundation" $1.5M did not write itself. Indeed, it is very "bad" when a bill is passed and the author is anonymous. Perhaps it was intended as a "gift" from the state "pot" of spare money? The pols claimed money was tight, budgets were being trimmed, worthwhile programs defunded... yet, there is a "pot" of money not yet allocated?
With very few exceptions, this is the most untrustworthy group of legislators Florida has had the displeasure of being violated by in a long time. If their sociopathy continues at this pace, then the next session should be held at the mental hospital in Chattahoochee.

Realist 1 May 17, 2011 7:58 AM
It is not his daughters Ron is the president of the non profit.
Follow The Leader: As usual, Daddy Book takes charge, with Lauren behind him.

One of the happiest days of my life will be the day all those corruption finally catches up to Ron Book. At a time when the economy is at an all time low, do we need to give our money to rich (and corrupt) people who can blow a cool million on a wedding that barely lasted a full year while rubbing it in to those they forced to live under bridge? I'd like to "walk in your shoes" but I'm not a rich family, just another guy with a criminal record. Well we have ONE thing in common.