Monday, November 9, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Once Fallen DOES NOT Endorse, support, or promote ANY books by Shaun Webb

It is not often I make a public statement concerning an individual but I feel I must. Once Fallen has tried to promote individuals who write books or make videos or design websites and the like. Let's be honest, not everyone has the talent to write books or make videos or run websites. But I try to promote people even when their work does not appeal to me. 

Shaun Webb is a self-published author and has written a few books, including A Motion For Innocence, Behind the Brick, and Lost Youth: A True Story. Like most people who solicit me for possible inclusion of their books onto my website, I generally ask for a copy of their work to review. I have read all three of Shaun's books I mentioned, and while they were nothing worth writing home about, I offered a favorable review in return for the free books because I figured a few of you could overlook the lack of writing talent and support a fellow registrant in need. 

HOWEVER, recently Shaun became upset with me over a trifling issue, and because of his recent online behavior (aligning yourself with the likes of Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst is not helping your cause), I rescinded my generous offer of a favorable review. Shaun has a history of harassing anyone who posts negative reviews, and has been banned from Goodreads numerous times. 

As of this moment, Once Fallen does not endorse, support or promote any of Shaun Webb's books. I would not have felt the need to state this publicly except for the fact he sent a nasty message stating he was going to continue to use my name and likeness to promote his books. DEREK LOGUE AND ONCE FALLEN DOES NOT ENDORSE, PROMOTE, OR SUPPORT THE WORKS OF SHAUN WEBB. 

If you see any favorable reports an any of Shaun Webb's books using the name Derek W. Logue (or any variation of my name), or as (or any variation of my organizational name), please send an email informing me of this development at

ADDENDUM: It seem Shaun Webb does not understand the concept of "Fair Use," but using one's name and likeness for commercial purposes does NOT fall under Fair Use. That is yet another example of his ineptitude in regards to legal issues. I expect nothing less from a guy who can't even understand the difference between "vial" (a glass container) and "vile" (people like Shaun and his friend Valigator).

Shaun Webb has been added to the AZ Unites anti-vigilante blog. Fellow activists, be warned, don't trust him.