Friday, May 27, 2011

More privatization of the justice system

Last month, I wrote an article about the privatization of prisons. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Private companies will also be handling GPS monitoring in California, and companies like Offender Watch Systems is taking over public registries in many locations. All this privatization implies lowest bidder, corner cutting, and less oversight. As bad as the government is at targeting those forced onto public registries, corporate/ private business interest is downright scary.

Think about it-- the business has a vested interest in keeping business alive. There is a wealth of information to suggest the registries cause the social ostracism which increases the likelihood of re-offending, so why would a private company concern itself with rehabilitation and effective measures of reducing crime?

On the Offender Watch corporate website, it says, "Together, Appriss and Watch Systems are providing services covering nearly 70,000 sex offenders, about 15 percent of the registered sex offender population in the United States." Actually, it is less than 10%. Business is booming, after all, especially with their systems making the claim they are "Adam Walsh Act compliant."

"Appriss currently notifies residents and businesses when registered sex offenders move into their neighborhoods. Its solutions also locate non- complaint offenders and update at-risk agencies of registered sex offenders in their area via phone, fax, or e-mail. Appriss will now be able to tap into Watch Systems' OffenderWatch® to enhance law enforcement's ability to track offenders' whereabouts." I'm curious how they locate non-compliant registrants. After all they are only a database. They also pimp iris scan technology. I am curious as to how an iris scan will prevent crime. Again, remember OffenderWatch is a business.

Consider this quote from the Houston Chronicle: "'You can easily see how it goes from iris scans for registered sex offenders to iris scans for all felons, to iris scans for everyone who is convicted of a misdemeanor, to iris scans for anyone who is arrested,' said Melissa Ngo, director of EPIC's identification and surveillance project." It reminds me of the registry itself. We are seeing more offenses added to the registry with every legislative session, while new registries from violent offender to dangerous dog registries exist across the US. It makes me wonder what else applied only to sex offenders will expand in due time, given people have been willing to accept intrusions of their rights for the sake of security.

There are a few questions I have. What does Offender Watch mean by "Geographic Risk Assessment?" Studies have already proven where a registrant lives is irrelevant. Why is there no disclaimer against abusing the registry info? What is a "Geo-Address Scrubber?" Sounds like some kind of Swiffer-style cleaner. My favorite is the "Fireworks Safety" PDF-- what does firework safety have to do with sex offenders? Don't shoot fireworks at home; instead, get on the sex offender registry.

I wonder if Watch Systems, LLC will offer stock someday, like GEO Group has. That is a disgusting thought. I'm sure there will also be paid lobbyists designed to keep more low-risk offenders on the registry. The corporate takeover of the Justice system is a very scary thought indeed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Legal misandry: The true silent epidemic

Domestic violence laws are controversial in many ways, primarily because of the low standards required and the gender discrimination against men. Men are already seen as potential predators by many victim's groups. It is socially acceptable to cast men as potential predators. Child victim advocate John Walsh even advocates not hiring male babysitters because men are all potential pedophiles in his eyes. Maybe he just feels that way because he has battled sexual addiction over the years. No one questions that belief, and as a result, men must face uphill battles in defending outlandish accusations of abuse of any kind in court, be it sexual abuse of a child or against a protection order against a woman.

Our society has been inundated with Radical Feminist propaganda for many years. Popular culture has romanticized the concept of vigilantism against "abusive men" in movies like the Feminist film Thelma and Louise and Sleeping with the Enemy, and in songs like Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmyth. Lorena Bobbitt was exalted by Feminist groups and other extremist "domestic violence advocates." Just type in the word "battered" in Google and the first results to come back include "battered woman's syndrome," "battered wife's syndrome," and "battered woman." There is a "battered men/ husband's syndrome," but to be honest, even I am surprised anyone has ever coined the term, and I doubt this has ever been used as a defense in court (the technical term is "Battered Person's Syndrome," but again, the term is generally applied to women). Do not not forget the discrepancy in sentencing for men and women are significantly different as well, with women getting shorter sentences for similar crimes as men.

There is probably no greater discrepancy in the gender gap in the area of domestic relations. Allow me to introduce a perfect illustration. Lets say you've been in a relationship for so many years to a woman who has a clinical diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depression, has paranoia, and a family history of schizophrenia. She believes all men are indeed brutish, violent, and prone to cheat. As the man in this relationship you are subject to interrogations, invasive searches, and constant surveillance without ever giving the woman a reason to believe you are a womanizer or abuser. You are "walking on eggshells" as your every action becomes suspect. If a woman that isn't wrapped up like a Muslim wife in public, she would go on tirades about the perceived trashiness of the woman and accusations of lust for the woman of loose morals are directed at you. You reach a point in your relationship where you want out because you are tired of feeling like you are the subject of an FBI investigation rather than a loving hubby/ boyfriend/ fiancee.

When you two break up, she calls the police on you and makes a wild accusation. The police hassle you but they don't arrest you because you did nothing wrong (but as they see it, they "haven't caught you"). You pack up her things and leave them at her place in neat little boxes. A few days later you get a knock at the door; it is a sheriff's deputy handing you a restraining order. You feel a sinking feeling in your chest as you are treated like you just murdered someone. In 2 weeks you go before a judge and plead your innocence. The "ex" paints a picture of you as some kind of "monster," and the female judge accepts her on her word only. The judge rules against you. You have no defense. You are a man, after all.

How many times has this scenario played out in court? There is no telling. Men are the "stronger" sex, after all. Men do not report domestic violence against them because of many reasons, including a fear of a 911 call turning against him, fear (mostly of being accused of being abusive himself), societal disbelief, and shame. You can even say it seems like a joke, the thought of a big, burly guy whipped by a 5'3 woman. The cultural belief favors the woman, and many women know it. As a result, arrests of female abusers are rare.

There is another element of abuse that is not considered, though is often used in defense of women abused by men. Women tend to be more emotionally and psychologically abusive (though some were physical). Some women abuse their men through the legal system that favors women in domestic laws as well. It is far too easy to traumatize a man through a false allegation in the domestic civil courts, where only a "preponderance of the evidence" (a low standard of proof suggesting the allegation is "more likely than not" something happened) is the standard by which you are labeled and condemned. It is hard to prove psychological abuse, and as a man it seems the standard is unconsciously raised to "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt."

I have experienced firsthand the impact of psychological and emotional abuse from a woman. It is essentially the same as "Asymmetrical Warfare." Asymmetric warfare, in a nutshell, is the use of tactics to compensate for being the weaker force in a war, like Guerrilla Warfare or terrorism. A series of small scale attacks compromise the will of a larger force. perhaps the term "war of the sexes" has merit. I have suffered the long term effects of abuse, but as a man, I really have nowhere to turn. There are no "battered men's shelters," no assistance programs for men displaced by leaving his abuser, or even a support network. Equality is a myth.

Radical Feminists have been called "Feminazis." In light of many things they have stated publicly, I can see why Radical Feminism is seen with such disdain, yet their views are accepted in culture and the courts. It is not about "equality" of the sexes, it is a matter of usurping power. Ironically, Radical Feminists become the very evil they are claiming to fight. The symbol of the justice system is a scale, not a pendulum. Equality is a balance, but the Radical Feminists Courts are a pendulum. It takes more men willing to speak out against their abusers. We must not continue to suffer in silence.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Ironic: Comments from alleged advocates for children

I find comments in message boards across America quite contrary. I work specifically on sex offender issues, so I'm never surprised by the typical comments that go along the line of "kill/ rape/ brand all sex offenders." What I find even the more ironic is this venom coming from people who claim to be anti-rape. Am I the only one seeing the irony in all this? Why would any person or group so opposed to rape advocating prison rape or other violent crimes? I'd love an explanation.

Two wrongs do not make a right. To say you oppose rape but support rape is hypocrisy.

I think there should be a few rules of commenting for these individuals.

But all those who comment on the boards, please do me a favor. Please learn to spell. A "pedifile" is a file for your feet. Please don't use your "assoicats" degree from the University of Phoenix as credentials. I have a Bachelor's degree from Athens State University. It may not be Harvard, but it's an accredited university. I graduated cum laude. If your GPA is above 3.5 like you claim, please use Latin. Also, I'd prefer you offer something to the debate instead of the same tired comments; references to actual studies is a plus. Also, I stand by my comments publicly, so please do the same. If you are so right and I'm so wrong, why hide your identity? It makes me think you're hiding other things. I guess it would be too much to ask those attacking me personally to actually read my website rather than attack sites. I stand by every word I say.

That is all. Thank you.

PS: If you still don't like me, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Derek Logue is winning "The only thing I'm addicted to right now is winning." --Charlie Sheen

Hated celebrity Charlie Sheen is not the only one out there "winning." Winning is a relative term at any rate, depends on what we are competing for and what is the ultimate goal.

In my case, my ultimate goal is being an online advocate for the reform of criminal laws, and particular sex offender laws, to emphasize the rehabilitative aspect of law and to promote healing for both offender and victim. Since I don't advocate the "kill all sex offenders" mantra that many of the common citizens do, and because I am a member of this group forced to disclose my private information for the public eye to scrutinize, that generally makes me the bad guy in the eyes of a lot of people. Most of these people make assumptions and draw on sites run by people who get their kicks from creating falsehoods about people and making three a.m. death threats over the phone. It goes with the territory.

I've been advocating changes to these laws since 2004, and since the end of 2007 I have become a highly visible (and hated) figure. It is amazing how we can make assumptions and hate without knowing anything about a person, just a label. Its almost laughable to see the accusations if only people did not believe it because of my label. I've never tried hiding the label. In fact, much like people who have "owned" the "N" word, I have overcome the label society places upon my. I am "winning."

So I'll play Charlie Sheen for a moment and dissect the arguments of one of my detractors, the idiotic Shoalanda Speaks.


First point: Troll-anda Spews, in addressing me and other activists who call for reform of sex offender laws, says this on April 4, 2011:

The garbage that these advocates preach concerning children is so sickening that we chose not to finish the blog

It is interesting that she considers treatment for both victim and offender "sickening." Lets look at a few of my "sickening comments:"

I believe sex crimes should be punished. If you want more jail time, fine by me. My problem is with the treatment of offenders after they have finished their sentences. If you commit a sex crime, you should serve time, whatever the state allots. But if (or when) a sex criminal is released, efforts must be made to successfully reintegrate the offender back into society to minimize risk of re-offending. Also, society lacks preventive measures and available counselors to deal with sexual issues before they become sex crimes. It is not about condoning behaviors, it is about minimizing risk.

So Shoalanda thinks punishing sex crimes and calling for rehabilitation programs to minimize recidivism is "sickening." As a matter of fact, I wrote an entire "sickening article entitled "Prevention 101:"

Principles of Prevention
Prevention means finding a way to keep sexual violence from occurring in the first case. I believe it IS
possible to find prevention strategies that work. But we have to approach this problem with an open mind.
There are two great websites with prevention as its focus (as you can see from these sites, its about being
“smart” rather than “tough”):
  • (NOTE: recently the Jacob Wetterling Foundation has become the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center,, and some of the below pages referenced are NOT AVAILABLE at this time

Holy Shiitakes! I'm promoting pro-sex offender sites! Its all downhill from there:

Prevention strategies exist today, but for some reason, we choose to neglect them in favor of punishment strategies
for former offenders, strategies which fail to address preventing strategies. The Jabob Wetterling Resource Center
and Stop It Now! are two fine examples of prevention and treatment oriented approaches which will prove effective
in reducing sex crimes. These strategies teach principles of responsibility, accountability, penance, honesty,
education, vigilance, and most of all, balance or moderation.
Regarding former offenders, there are prevention strategies available to keep former offenders from offending
again. Restorative justice (accountability and empathy training), identifying sexual assault cycles, and developing
relapse prevention plans are tried and true methods of reducing recidivism amongst former offenders. These
treatments have been shown to reduce both general and specific recidivism by at least half, and recognized to be
effective by leading researchers like Karl Hanson.
However, in order to effectively implement these prevention strategies, we must
address and reform the many
obstacles in our society: The mass media, politicians, myths and misconceptions, our emphasis on retribution and
punishment, CAPTA mandatory reporting requirements, lack of professionals, and our contrary fear/ fascination of
sex. Only by approaching the subject openly and honestly can we have any hope of preventing sexual violence.

Imagine that, promoting empathy and accountability in those who have sexually offended is "sickening?" That's nothing, check out these two "pro-sex offender" books I promote on my "recommended media" page:

Carich, Ph. D., and Steven E. Mussack, Ph. D.
Description: (From the Safer Society Press) Safer Society is pleased to publish this long-awaited
compendium. With chapters from William Marshall, Robert McGrath, Emily Coleman, James
Haaven, Alvin Lewis, Laren Bays, William Murphy, Peter Loss, Jerry Thomas, and Gary Lowe, as
well as from the editors and others, this volume provides an essential basic outline of
comprehensive treatment--the perfect introduction and reference volume that should be on every
clinician's shelf.
Ordering Info: CLICK HERE to order from Safer Society Press or CLICK HERE to order from No Kindle version available.
COMMENTS: A collection of articles on treatment, victim empathy, evaluating and treating
offenders, and other issues related to treating offenders.

HELPING VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE (2006) BY: Lynn Heitritter and Jeanette Vought
Description: (From the publisher) How do we minister to victims of sexual abuse? It's a difficult
problem for Christian communities. This solidly biblical and sensitive guide is packed full of helpful
information that provides a valuable perspective on how abuse affects children and the family
dynamics that play into its development. As well, readers will also discover practical tools that can
lead adult victims into full recovery in Christ. Required reading for everyone who wants to bring
meaningful ministry to those affected by sexual abuse.
Ordering Info: CLICK HERE to order from Bethany House or CLICK HERE to order from Amazon.
com. Kindle Version Available!
COMMENTS: This is a good book on helping victims of sexual abuse recover from the effects of
the abuse from a Christian perspective, and it deals with many issues dealing with forgiveness and
views of God following abuse.

Oh yeah, my front page disclaimer:

The purpose of this site is to educate the public on the truth on sex offender
laws and to offer support and guidance to those accused or convicted of sex
This site does not promote, condone, or tolerate illegal activities
nor any "pro-pedophile" agenda or groups such as NAMBLA.
This site
DOES believe in punishment for illicit sexual activity, so long as it is coupled
with treatment and Restorative Justice. This site promotes education and
prevention programs coupled with treatment and successful reintegration of
those who have served their sentences as the
only effective method for the
successful reduction in sexual violence.

An example from this blog:

Most importantly, we need to honor victims by helping victims of sex crimes overcome the crimes committed against them. These days, if a victim forgives his or her attacker, many people look at them like they are crazy. What good does keeping victims thinking about what happened to them and the guilt and anger they feel rather than dealing with those feelings? The result is many more lives remain broken rather than healed, making them lifelong victims rather than “Thrivers.”

Helping victims of sexual abuse overcome the negative effects of the abuse is also sickening? Somehow I don't think people see it that way. I am winning this round.

Here's an interesting comment Trollanda makes in the same post: He objected to our remark that all sex offenders should literally be branded as such.

Ironically enough, children have been targeted because of Trollanda's mentality. In fact, we've put children themselves (some as young as age 9) on the public registry:

But we also forget that family members and even children of registrants are also attacked:

Family members living with an RSO were more likely to experience threats and
harassment by neighbors. Children of RSOs reportedly experienced adverse consequences
including stigmatization and differential treatment by teachers and classmates. More than half
had experienced ridicule, teasing, depression, anxiety, fear, or anger. Unintended consequences
can impact family members’ ability to support RSOs in their efforts to avoid recidivism and
successfully reintegrate.

Has Trollanda not heard the expression "violence begets violence?"Has all the vigilante violence targeting those on the public registry impacted sex crime rates? The evidence states the opposite. (By the way, sign the "Stop Vigilante Violence Act HERE). Shoalanda Speaks out her tail end, apparently, while I continue to trump her arguments. Logue 2, Trollanda 0.

I guess I should tell her that calling me a "pedophile" is slander and makes her liable to being sued, seeing as how I not only have never been classified as such by Alabama, I have not had sex with a child nor have I been clinically diagnosed with pedophilia. Maybe Trollanda needs to get her facts from people OTHER than Pensacola sex offender Clay "Roar For Truth" Keys and Sheffield Prosecutor BT Gardner (I wonder is Shoalanda supports Gardner's defense of a man accused of rape. Hm). Logue 3, Trollanda 0.

Trollanda's obsession with me is so great, she comments on my move to Cincinnati for budget reasons. Yes, Sheffield, Alabama utilities exceed Cincinnati's by at least twice as much. But you see, I only moved to The Shoals because I was engaged. It fell through, so I saw no reason to stay in a place lacking public transportation and extremely isolated from the modern world. Sorry, Trollanda, not everyone finds your isolated community a nice place to live, especially the large numbers of young people leaving it for greener pastures. Only an idiot like Shoalanda can't do the math. Logue 4, Trollanda 0.

Another Trollanda rant: Logue would like us to believe that he and others like him are changed. What his writings actually do is portray such a twisted individual that we can't blame those who live nearby this Sheffield "activist" for wanting rid of him.

I don't care about being disliked by neighbors in that cesspool of depravity. There is a reason The Shoals is a dying, withering community. It is funny to suggest my writings make me twisted. If I am twisted for saying sex offender laws need reform, then what does that say about all those people (Shoalanda included) who advocate violence, mutilation, and murder? Shoalanda wants to brand people, after all. I have always found it ironic that the very people who advocate for the end of violence advocate violent actions to promote their cause. I'm winning again, 5-0.

Well, to Shoalanda Speaks's credit, she does make a couple of disclaimers:

Obviously, we hear and read much that can't be proved [sic], but we do usually manage to present the known facts to our readers. (Geez, it's "can't be proven," not "can't be proved." I guess those portable classrooms WERE detrimental to children's education in Alabama after all. But the English language has a word for it-- RUMORS. Rumors are what you pay for them-- nothing. I heard plenty of gossip in the Shoals. Like I heard BT Gardner is an alcoholic and has been chased out of prosecutor positions in other cities like Tuscumbia (a rumor told to me, ironically enough, from a couple of people who work with him), or the rumor that Elvis, Osama Bin Laden, and Tupac Shakur are on the same Caribbean island sipping a Corona and laughing at the death money rolling in. Only problem is, Trollanda and other wannabe crime bloggers love to throw rumors out there as issues of fact.

the rumor mill can't dissolve many facts:

FACT: I have been out of prison over eight years and have not been accused of any sex crimes.
FACT: I have been given a partial pardon from the State of Alabama since the state looks at my actually actions, not what online trolls like Shoalanda thinks of me.
FACT: Despite how Trollanda Spews her filth and makes implied threats, I can move back to The Shoals if I wanted to. However, I didn't like it any time BEFORE I was added to the public registry, feel free to ask my ex-wife/ fiancee BRANDI, who Shoalanda targeted in her blog last year. Shoalanda put a mother and child in harm's way without a thought. Careless? Yes. Stupid? Without a doubt. My beef with her stemmed from attacking Brandi, not her criticism of me. Now, I can care less. But unlike her, I'm not afraid of being public. Again, I am winning.

Shoalanda is not the first or last who will try to slander, discredit, or bully me into submission. I'm still here, and most of my detractors are gone (WASP Ohio, Wikisposure, and certain other random 3 am phone callers). Charlie Sheen is goofy, but I like some of his quotes. Love me or hate me, I continue to win.

PS: According to, I'm beating Trollanda there too:

Shoalanda Speaks: Rank #10,348,935
Once Fallen: Rank# 4,057,021
My anti-AZU blog: #5,095,681
This Once-Fallen blog: #4,611,504

Take that, Trollanda! Tell that to Karen.