Friday, March 16, 2018

What selling the OnceFallen website will mean to the Anti-Registry Movement

Yesterday, I formally began my efforts to find someone to take over operations at my main website, I created OnceFallen in December 2007, and for an entire decade, I have worked tirelessly to turn that website into one of the most vital resources on the Internet for people forced to register on the public "sex offender" registry. 

My journey of 15 years as a registrant has not come easy for me. I have struggled with depression and anxiety all these years, yet I cannot trust the therapy industry due to the harm they have caused me over the years. I became an advocate because I struggled to make a life outside of prison and I wanted to help others that are about to face what many of us have faced over the years. You'd be amazed how fearful those currently incarcerated are about registration and the like. 

I created initially to showcase my personal writing and sell an eBook to raise funds for bigger projects, but I also wanted the site to be a repository for information to help both activists and those looking for housing, employment info, and support. My site is antiquated but it has arguably the best consolidated info on a variety of subjects on the Internet. My site has grown to over twenty thousand monthly visitors and I have helped thousands of people find desperately needed resources. I have done this despite facing discrimination, harassment, and even threats of violence. I have done this in spite of the lack of support and the harsh criticism from other registrant activists over the years, and I don't just mean financially. At times, I've had to fight registry reformists with the same zeal as I fight those who want to round up registrants into concentration camps. 

However, all this activism has taken a toll on my health. I was in my mid-20s. I jogged daily, ate right, and weighed 190. Now, I'm 41 and now I'm 255, I have sleep apnea and low-T, needing hormone replacement. I have frequent nightmares about being locked up for false allegations. I'm starting to experience chest pains and dizzy spells, and my energy level is extremely low. My health insurance is so bad that I haven't received new eyeglasses in 7 1/2 years and my skin is slowly corroding the titanium frames I bought myself back in 2010. Now my blood pressure is high and my legs have poor circulation. But yet, I still will myself to do my life's work. 

It is a struggle for me to get out of bed every day, and when I do, I get to work on this issue, reading depressing news article after news article after news article. My email has become a constant stream of negative news. I hate reading constant stories of the latest atrocity committed against those who have served their sentences and are not allowed to live productive lives. I've dealt with more 3am death threats than you can shake a stick at, and I spend hours of my life answering calls, emails, and letters from people who are suffering like I'm suffering, if not worse. My life has truly really grown to revolve around this issue to the point that I have no life outside this issue whatsoever, except to play video games. 

Up until now, only a handful of people even knew this has been going on. Despite all my personal struggles, I have spent 10 years trying to help as many registrants as I can. I tried in vain to encourage people to engage in bold activism. I still believe bold activism is the key, but I never had leadership qualities and have never had a desire to be a leader. OnceFallen isn't a group where I play King and my followers swear fealty; it is merely an informational site run by me with an occasional assist from supporters. 

Despite the lack of support shown to OnceFallen over the years, OnceFallen has grown into a valuable resource. My only real talent besides beating hundreds of video games is my ability to compile massive amounts of info and consolidate it into the writings on my website. I've developed into a leading expert on the laws, used by attorneys, researchers, college students, the media, and even politicians. That is no small feat. I've dedicated over a decade to 

I don't want to abandon my work. However, the victim cult has pooled their resources to derail my activism, and taking me down (and with it, the OnceFallen website) has become a priority for them. Before that can happen, I want to relinquish the rights to the OnceFallen trademark and website. I want someone else to take over the website, modernize it for mobile use, and continue the work I have done the past 10 years. However, I do not want to just hand my website to anyone, no siree Bob! I want someone trustworthy to handle the work that needs to be done in the event I die or the victim cult succeeds in their efforts to silence me. 

I don't just run a website. OnceFallen takes calls, letters, and emails regularly from people looking for support, housing, employment info and advice. You'll get complex questions, hear horror stories from people oppressed by the government, and even talk people out of suicide. You get interview or at least research assistance requests from college students, the media, attorneys, and the like. I engage in prison outreach, sending info and answering questions from prison inmates. To top it off, you do all this while being spit on by both the opposition to our cause and the very people you are trying to help. 

If you think you can fill my shoes, then feel free to contact me at and we can discuss the proper way to transfer ownership of my website to you as well as my terms for turning over the website. 

What does this mean for the anti-registry movement? Well, I might still be around, though in a different capacity than I have been over the past decade. I'm big enough to admit that my efforts to raise awareness and embolden people to become better activists did not go according to plan. I still believe sucking up to the cult of victimhood and acting self-righteous isn't helping matters, either, but I guess I can see why you folks are too afraid to take them on. They will win a war on attrition alone. We simply don't have the resources to take on the multimillionaire industry with our meager resources. It is like David fighting Goliath without the benefit of a sling and a stone.

I wanted to be a pro wrestler in my younger years. Recently, I watched one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, The Undertaker, retire. This man's persona was larger than life in the wrestling industry, but even a legend reaches the end of his in-ring career. But many wrestlers still maintain a presence after they retire from the ring, such as announcer or training new wrestlers or working the corporate office. Maybe I can still find a place in the movement. If not, I'd be content with spending the end of days in relative solitude and obscurity playing my video games. I never won a single award or accolade and I'll never be in anyone's hall of fame, but I don't care about all that, I served my purpose. I still have a few projects left in need of finishing. I simply do not abandon things I start, although I don't always finish them as quickly as I like. 

To be honest, only pride and not wanting the enemy to declare victory over me giving up kept me going, but life is getting too short to fret over what a few worthless scumbags think about me. It is time that I start looking for things that make me happy. I have not had much joy in my life over the past 15 years. This registry and the discrimination and hate we receive as registered humans make me bitter and angry. The fact that most people on this list are too fearful in 2018 to speak out does not help my growing cynicism of my life's work. But in light of recent events, I can understand why these folks fear speaking out. 

So here I stand at the crossroads, deciding what to do with the rest of my life. The question is, does anyone really feel at this point that my life's work is worth saving? I guess we will know the answer if my site is traded to someone else or if it is simply abandoned. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

ACTION ALERT! Tell NY State to oppose reinstatement of residency/ proximity laws, Shelter Bans & ending Statutes of Limitations

The NY Senate site gives you the chance to voice displeasure of a bill if you live in NY, so my NY followers (or anyone with NY contacts), please sign up to the NY senate site and tell them to void Cuomo's Sex Offender residency/ proximity law amendment to A9505 (Assembly version) and S7505 (Senate Version).


As of this day, 3/15, both bills are in their respective finance committees. This proposal also impacts registered humans access to shelters by banning them from shelters where children may be present. All of us should contact the finance committees to oppose these amendments.

Here were the proposed changes to the budget from Cuomo's office related to this issue:

In the Senate Version of the bill, the residency/proximity proposal is under Part XX
The ban from emergency shelters is under Part II (that's the letter I, not roman numeral 2, as in the part between HH and JJ)

At this time, I do not see either of these provisions in the Assembly version,.


Provisions also include eliminating statutes of limitation for sex crimes so that must be opposed as well.

In the Assembly version, the statute of limitation provision is in Part P.

The Senate version does not seem to have the Statutes of limitations section at this rime.

Links to the committees currently responsible for the bills are listed below:

Senate Finance Committee:

Assembly Ways and Means Committee:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lauren Book is using her position as Florida State Senator as a position for revenge

We al know daddy Ron's pulling the strings
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
--Friedrich Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Lauren Book is the worst kind of monster. She is someone who blatantly abuses her position of power in every way possible on her quest of vengeance. We all know that, though most folks are afraid to say it. 

I think she's just a puppet for her convicted criminal daddy Ron. While registered citizens cannot get jobs anywhere, Ron Book still works as a lobbyist even after his conviction for illegal campaign contributions.  I think her role as puppet came out this week when she inexplicably pulled an anti-sex trafficking bill that had unanimous support. (For the record, the bill was bullshit.) Still,  I'm willing to speculate she pulled the bill because daddy Ron likely represents the hotel industry (or at the very least, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America). Going against daddy's wishes would lead to the end of her dubious tenure as a state "senator."

Lauren Book has not really accomplished much in her time as state Senator. In fact, Lauren's sole accomplishment in 2017 was exploiting a legal loophole to allow herself to vote to give her own organization, Lauren's Kids, an extra $1.5 MILLION in taxpayer dollars while sitting on the Senate Appropriations committee. Think about this-- the daughter of a lobbyist who was convicted for illegal campaign funds sat on an appropriations committee (the committee that hands out money) and gave her own organization $1.5 million. To top it off, she even lied about stepping down as CEO if her organization (not that it matters much since Ron Book is still the chairman).

So what is her only real accomplishment of 2018? She got a bill passed that reduces the time a registered citizen can visit Florida before having to register (from 5 days to 3) and expands the use of  mandatory electronic monitoring as punishment for various offenses. I would not be surprised if Ron Book lobbies for the electronic monitoring industry given the fact that GEO Group, the private prison company, has donated to Lauren Book and has hired Ron as a lobbyist. Let's be honest, there is one key reason she wanted to pass this bill -- anti-registry activism. Specifically, my anti-registry activism. 

She is still smarting over getting embarrassed by the Anti-Registry Movement in 2015. Since that time, she has constantly changed up her method of marching across the state. By pushing the law to reduce registration time while visiting, Book hopes to stymie anti-registry protests. If you think that was not the reason for this bill, then I'd like to share statements from her closing statement in her attempt to obtain a restraining order against me in her efforts to prevent me from protesting:

The reality is she cannot handle any form of protest. Our protest was peaceful. Hell, one person who showed up even tried to offer an olive branch to Lauren, which was rejected. The Book family retaliated against my peaceful protest by calling my registration office in an attempt to get me in trouble. However, I was not in Tallahassee long enough to register in Ohio (which already has a three day rule). The fact she suggests protests should be at least 1000 feet from her places of business (that presumably includes the state capitol) is proof enough that Lauren Book's true intention with her vexatious litigation was to silence anti-registry activism. 

It is abundantly clear that Lauren Book is using the law to attack the Anti-Registry Movement. This statement is also a look into the mindset of a woman who is extremely paranoid. Lauren Book believes that everyone who supports OnceFallen is a "pedophile/ sexual predator compatriot." She believes that the film crew from the BBC paid me to protest her (they didn't, and they didn't even use my interview in the final project). The only person intoxicated is Lauren Book, intoxicated with her own power by using unlimited resources to silence a man from Ohio who collects a $750 a month disability check and food stamps. 

Again, Lauren Book used the term "pedophile" to describe everyone who shared my viewpoint that the registry should be abolished. In the eyes of Lauren Book, if you don't support her efforts, YOU are a "pedophile." Still not convinced?

If posting her address was threatening (it is a matter of public record), then how much more is the posting of the addresses of America's registered citizens? I bet I can think of a handful of examples of registered citizens murdered or assaulted by someone who used the registry as a tool for vigilantes. You know, vigilantes like Bikers Against Child Abuse, who rode with her in 2015. 

Whatever happened to Lauren Book does not excuse the fact that Lauren Book is abusing her power in the worst possible way. She is mentally unstable, and as seen by the current state of our Presidential office, it is never a good idea to allow someone as mentally unstable as Lauren Book to have a position of power.
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." -- Lord Acton