Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well, damn, Predator Panic didn't even make the top 10 fears in America...

So what did Americans fear the most in 2015?

They don't have a category for "registered sex offenders" but here are the stats for sex crime fears.

Rape by a stranger Crime 14.5
Rape by someone you know Crime 11.3
Talking to Stranger Daily Life 9.7

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The bottom line -- people fear our legislators more than the fear sex crimes. And with good reason...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Say THIS three times fast: My Poignantly Pugnacious Proclamation about the "P" word

Say THIS three times fast: My Poignantly Pugnacious Proclamation about the P word
Derek W. Logue
February 15, 2015

As I plod along at the prelude to my day, pandiculating and percolating the morning brew, I’ve been perpetually pissed while pondering the pathetically pedantic pontifications of pulpit-thumping pandering politicians (and Chris Smith in particular) in light of the perilous passage of “International Megan’s Law,” a perfunctory yet preposterous proposal that proliferated with pizzlos, pending the proofreading and passage by our President, probably poised to be penned in a public pageant. While the populace participates in pococurantism about the plight of people perceived to be “pedophiles,” perhaps the propriety of placing a pock on our passports should be probed. International Megan’s Law was promoted as a panacea for pedophiles procuring prohibited petting and procreation with prepubescents, a pulchritudinous pick for plugging their proposition for reelection. In palpability, by promoting the P word to pass this paedonymic law, this proposal is proportionately part poppycock, part paddy-donny, part phooey, and part piffle! This pernicious proposal is more panchreston than panacea. For the victim industry, this preposterous proposal produces posh, padding their pantagruelian pockets with Pactolian proceeds as the proletariats and the poor pay the price for our purblind perceptions of the paltry performance of presently prevalent preventative programs on the part of promoting public protection. The potential percussions of this proposal is picayune or piddling at best and pestilential at worst. IML is a pretext for the panoptic purging of protections procured by the passage of the US Constitution and a prerequisite for a totalitatian-controlled populace. 

If the person perusing my proclamation is perplexed or puggled by the preceding paragraph, perhaps a pithy play-by-play of the preceding paragraph is paramount. 

Simply put, I spent my morning angry that International Megan’s law passed legislation and will be signed into law. I witnessed both both Chris Smith and some media outlets are using the P word (pedophile) to promote IML to our ignorant American society. Yes, it seems most folks don’t give a damn about our rights because they blindly believe that this law will prevent “sex tourism” or ‘sex trafficking.  Maybe they should consider what these “unique identifiers” mean for everyone with a US passport. This is stupid. The law is meant to be a cure-all, but instead, makes a simplistic, catch-all law that is ineffective and will cost taxpayers a lot of money. 

But if there is one “P” word that perplexes and perturb anti-registry activists seem to be the word PROTEST. It is obviously easier to pay a legal pugilist to make this all go away, yet we seem panic-stricken at the thought of engaging in a public protest. Someone recently stated we should parch our PASSPORTS, but how many of you would willingly PARTICIPATE? 

Protesting is one P word our push to put an end to the public pillory should promote. 

The ARM’s “P” Words:

As far as where I found many of the other P words in this proclaimation, peruse this page

We need more of this in 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bad News: HR 515 passed suspension of the rules. Prepare for the Kristallnacht next.

Well folks, it should come as no shock that despite our efforts, there was no objection to passing the Passport marks in HR 515. Now that this bill is passed, how long until we see the Kristallnacht?

I thank those who put forth an unprecedented effort to put a stop to this fascist law, but it appears our efforts fell on deaf ears. WE simply lack the resources to do anything at a national level. There should be thousands, nay, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of folks opposing HR 515. But no matter. I suppose the next step is in litigation (quite frankly, I have my doubts that will be effective).

So in my frustration and anger, I have targeted four Nazi representatives that spoke passionately to pass this fascist law --

Rep. Brendan Boyle
Rep. Chris Smith

Rep. Robert Pittenger

Rep. Ann Wagner
Rep. Brendan Boyle, Rep. Ann Wagner, Rep. Robert Pittenger, and most of all, Rep. Chris Smith, would make the Nazi regime proud. 'Murka has officially joined Nazi Germany by requiring a mark of infamy on the passports of an unpopular group. Quite frankly, everyone on the House floor should've been hanged as a traitor, but I'd settle for a public hanging of these four.