Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June is False Allegations Awareness month!

In Stalinist Russia, innocent people were presumed guilty if reported as ‘Enemies of the Motherland.’ They were sent to the Gulag or executed without due process. In the United States of America, citizens are presumed guilty if reported as ‘Domestic Abusers.’...they lost their jobs, their mental health, their reputation, their trust in justice, and their self-esteem.”  -- Natasha Spivack, speaking at the first False Allegations Summit at Washington DC, June 2011

As a recent victim of abuse and a false allegation by a certain mentally ill ex-girlfriend who shall remain nameless, I have become increasingly aware of the plight of individuals, particularly men accused of domestic or sex crimes. I have already discussed the concept of legal misandry in an earlier post. I've also discussed false allegations on my main website. However, in light of recent revelations, I felt the need to address the issue even more.

A recent survey of over 10,000 people compiled by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) on false allegations revealed that 11% of respondents stated they were falsely accused of a crime, with 81% of those falsely accused, and nearly half were falsely accused of sexual abuse.In an age of increasing paranoia over sex crimes, the likelihood of being falsely accused is a very real possibility, especially in custody disputes.

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