Sunday, June 26, 2011


Cyber-bullying is a growing issue, but one not yet taken seriously. Despite the prevalence of cyber-crimes, cyber-hate, and cyber-bullying, little has been done to prevent or deter it. It took a LOT of public pressure just to get Facebook to remove hate groups denying the Holocaust. Facebook seems to be a cesspool of blind hate and stupidity. From what I've been told, you can find groups and pages on everything on Facebook.

Now, I could personally care less about Facebook. Putiing Mark Sucker-berg's stupid face on Time magazine shows how little we value real contributions to society. The Social Network winning movie awards is an even bigger joke. Facebook is essentially a grown up My Space where adults can cyber-bitch and cyber-complain like it is junior high school. There are no shortage of hate sites on Facebook, which all the more reason for people to get together for promoting hatred. I have enough hate to read without bothering going there.

Facebook technically bans sex offenders from using the website (though it is a TOS violation rather than a national law, though some states make it illegal). However, there is no shortage of Facebook pages to attack individuals on the sex offender registries. Thankfully since I'm no fan of FB, I have friends that are happy to send screen shots to me to show me what I'm missing. Below is one profile's list of groups she has joined pretty much all advocating hatred and violence against those on the registry:

I think it is funny how people keep telling me one common thread between many vocal witch hunters is the underlying misogyny in many of these groups. Not so say men do not get involved, but the majority are women.

Below are a few typical comments and mantras from these hate groups. Somehow, Facebook does not feel the need to remove such hate groups, yet registrants are not allowed on Facebook because of fears they will troll for kids. I'm not so sure people who join these type groups are not involved in criminal activity. At the least, harassment and bullying tactics tend to be the norm:

The group claims what they are doing is legal, yet their goal is to "exile" registrants and make them "extinct." Sounds like threatening behavior to me. As shown by SOI, the "No Peace For Predators" group

This comment is pretty self explanatory. This page also links to that No Peace For Predators page.

A person using a different organization to promote the vigilante and cyber-bully site Perverted-Justice. Speaking of Pee-J, they must not have the money train they once had during their heyday on Dateline NBC. There are a few people who are members of Pee-J on Facebook and who make themselves available to find. I'd rather give props to the counter site Corrupted-Justice, which has Pee-J's number. Perverted-Justice and all its members can go to hell. It is interesting to note on that "causes" page, they have raised no money for Pee-J. That's is hilarious!

My question is shouldn't Facebook be for adults only? If you want to protect kids, keep them off Facebook. That being said, this reeks of Jim Crowe. What next, separate water fountains?

These hate groups tend to support each other. They throw out the "P" words (perv, pred, and pedo), and use terms like monster. This is what you call dehumanization, a common tactic to create virtual lynch mobs and serve only to promote even more online hatred.

Here are typical hate comments from misinformed, uneducated people. The second one is even funnier. If you are a man, you cannot be too friendly with kids lest you be considered a possible sexual predator.

A Perverted Justice troll at work. Even if someone online is a registered person, it does not mean he is trolling for kids.

No Peace For Predators-- Paranoid much? Notice the one comment proudly proclaiming sex offenders should be harassed. They also believe sites that advocate for the rights of former offenders are all "pro-pedophile" websites. They sound a lot like Absolute Zero.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are many hate groups and trolls on Facebook, hating on every subject known to man. However, I'd like to know what these people who run these hate groups hope to accomplish? Some groups, like Perverted Justice or No Peace For Predators, advocate various strong-arm tactics, harassment, and threats to promote their cause. If you disagree with such groups, you tend to be labeled a pedophile supporter/enabler or a pedophile yourself, and attacked en masse. The irony is many use religion to justify their hatred. That is all the more appalling.

Addendum: Thank you SOI for letting me know No Peace For Predators is trying to suppress the video they released showing them harassing a man on the registry.

Untitled from Brian Elfstrom on Vimeo.

"Once a child predator always a child predator."
"You filty disgusting human being-- waste of air."
"We're not sick in the head like you"
"He's still a sexual predator, it does not matter"
"We're going to bring him out on a wagon."
"You can't rehabilitate these people."
"You WILL do it again."

David Rowe admits that the man was not breaking any laws (though I think it is poor judgement on part of the victim) but decided to harass him anyways; they even suggested opening a day care to "flush him out." Personally I would have sold it to Rowe for a profit. I hate how people think they are justified because the guy is on the registry. I see it as a crowd of bullies against one man.


  1. You reference to No Peace for Predators is misleading. NPFP does not advocate the exile and extinction of all registrants. Our focus is on predators. Please reread our information.

  2. I've only seen the You Tube video. You don't have a website, just a Facebook page, so I don't bother. I'm not the only person out there who questions your tactics, nor am I the only person out there who advocates for reform of America's sex offender laws. You should re-read my website, I heard you were calling me a pro-pedophile. I may not have my disclaimer on my blog, but it is on the front page of my website.

    I have been victimized by online vigilantes over the years, slandering, threatening, and attacking me from all sides. I have served my time, and I have every right to free speech. Despite what some of your friends may claim at Perverted-Justice (who by the way made it a point to harass me and my family and even mocked my mother's death on various websites), I don't advocate pedophilia, I don't spend my days on those boy/girl chatter sites, and I've even reported sites I found promoting criminal activity. I advocate common sense solutions. By common sense, I mean stuff like what Stop it now, COSA, or JWRC teaches. I'm a firm believer in treatment and restorative justice. What I DON'T believe in is harassment of people.

    I am an independent worker, however, there are organizations out there seeking reform of sex offender laws, and like them, I keep up with the news across the country, Florida in particular because of the Julia Tuttle Camp and that state's monopoly on vigilantes allowed to harass people in public. What I saw from your own video you posted (not the shortened video by SOI) was you shouting obscenities and threats at some guy, surrounded by other people making threats and trying to instigate a fight. I don't see how any member of law enforcement would allow that kind of activity to take place, but no one protects registrants and their families from criminal harassment.

    Personally, if I see criminal activity I would have reported it to the police, not form a mob and threaten and harass people. You can try to justify it all you want but a crime is a crime.

    Hm. Have you considered the possibility that people are mislabeled as predators? We tend to err on the side of caution. I'll go so far as admit I agree that guy in the video should not have been running an ice cream truck, if only because it gives the wrong idea to vigilante groups, but by the same token, what you did looked a lot like a lynch mob. I'm sure if the media wasn't there with cameras, I'm sure that bald buy in particular would have jumped him, he was especially bad. I think he should be arrested, quite frankly.

    Oh, I may as well address your FaceBook accusation. I have readers that have FaceBook accounts. People email me info all the time. Even if I was on FaceBook, it would only be a TOS violation, but I should open my own account just so I can take FaceBook to court after being booted off the site. After all, there are many legitimate purposes to being on FaceBook, like being allowed to post messages on comment boards. Many media outlets make you have a FaceBook ac

    I tell you what, dude. How about you go to and show what parts of my website "promote pedophilia?" I have yet to find someone who can do that. All I ever get is a few wackos who make false claims about me. So unless you can debate me on the facts, don't waste your time with me. I have zero tolerance for harassment on my sites.

    However if you want to have a debate where each side gives due respect to the other side whether we agree or not, I'm game. Despite what you may think I'm actually a pretty reasonable guy who weighs both sides. That's why I have friendes who are on both sides on this issue, along with other issues.

  3. I guess he must be at a loss to answer me. Coward.

  4. why is the registrant in this video talking to these people at all? Makes no sense to me.

  5. The real question should be why was this mob allowed to shout insults and fighting words right in front of the guy's front lawn. A cop was there but he didn't arrest any of those people in a crowd. That is harassment pure and simple. The group did not show everything that happened. There is no telling what actually transpired before they started the video, but anyone being shouted at by a group of thugs would be angry too.

  6. Hey Derek, have you heard anything more from those idiots at NPFP? That guy has some serious issues.

  7. Of course not. People like David Rowe are nothing more than hatemongers with mental issues. It is easy to shout insults but not easy to debate the issues. From what I've been hearing about Rowe, he solves issues with his fists not his brain.

  8. An ex-girlfriend of David Rowe of No Peace for Predators left him because she says "he is a depraved sex pervert."

    She told us "David is obsessed with bondage and sado-masochism. His big thing is strap-on sex and he insisted I wear a strap-on in bed. He is a depraved sex pervert. He also asked me to watch videos of men being sodomized. I left him after he asked me to shave his whole body because I was disgusted."

    This is not very surprising. Most of the Witch Hunters and Vigilantes are externalizing their own issues. There is nothing illegal here. Just another screwed up individual.