Monday, December 30, 2019

OnceFallen's 2019 Annual Report shows another year declining support but increased need for prisoner services


2019 has been an eventful and difficult year for First, my apartment had caught fire in February. Second, I was falsely accused of theft in Broward County FL (anyone who thinks I would actually drive 1100 miles each way in less than 12 hours w/o a license or car and steal car manuals in broad daylight is a complete idiot). Third, I suffered a string of false allegations primarily from Michael McKay from Registry Report and Dwayne Daughtry from NCRSOL. I have severed all ties to any groups supporting these two individuals.

On the upside, the SLAPP suit placed on me by Florida State Senator Lauren Book was overturned on appeal so I am free to protest the Book Crime Family once again. I was also able to attend the SMART Office symposium in Chicago as part of a larger anti-registry effort to confront the agency for promoting bad public policy.

Because of the personal disruptions in my personal life, I was unavailable for part of the year, particularly in the spring.


Donations to have declined significantly in 2019, a 43% decrease from 2018. As was the case last year, OnceFallen ends the year 2019 with a budget deficit of around $400. The amount raised for 2019 is merely a third of the raised in the peak year of 2016.

The use for the funds in 2019 included the trip to Chicago for the SMART Office symposium, replacement of work equipment that was lost in February’s fire, and cost for the prisoner outreach (stamps, envelopes, paper, printer toner, etc.). I offer a variety of printed materials to inmates so many letters I send out contain dozens of pages of printed materials.

In response to this, I will be cutting back on certain other projects to concentrate on the one growing area for OnceFallen, prisoner outreach, as well as focusing on improving the housing list and other important info on my website. OnceFallen will still need to raise roughly $1000 to cover past expenses and cover expected expenses related to the aforementioned goals over the coming year. If support continues to decline, then the site may go into default and be taken down and all operations may cease.


Earlier this year, OnceFallen and worked out an arrangement by which I will answer prisoner letters sent to either organization. (The person responsible for answering SOSEN’s letters passed away last winter.) This allowed me to expand my efforts to help prisoners find useful information. In part because of that, OnceFallen’s prisoner outreach has seen its fourth year of steady growth despite the personal life disruptions. Moving from Ohio to Nebraska led to loss in ability to respond to phone calls in a timely manner throughout much of 2019.

  • Website visitors: 218,040 (334,687 in 2018, down 25.9%)
  • ICoN Subscribers: 473 (350 in 2018, up 35%)
  • Prisoner Letters: 175 (172 in 2018, up 2%)
  • Media Appearances: Two (9 in 2018, down 78%); should be noted one was a letter to the editor and the other was in regard to my victory over Lauren Book's SLAPP Suit
  • Individual Contacts: 336 (401 in 2018, down 16%)
  • Total # of States with at least one individual contact: 39 (43+DC in 2018)
  • States with no known contact in 2019 (as many never identify location, many are from unknown locations, only known locations are ID’ed here): DC, DE, HI, ID, IA, ME, MS, NH, ND, RI, SD, VT
  • Contacts from outside the USA: China (1); U.K. (1)
  • States from Most to Least number of New Contacts 2019: Location Unknown (67); OH (30); FL (23); CA (21); TX (14); GA & NY (12 each); VA & AL (10 each); PA (9); NC (8); MI &WI (7 each); AZ, CO, IL, WA (6 each); MN, MO, OR (5 each); KY, TN, UT (4 each); AR, KS, MA, SC (3 each); CT, IN, NJ, OK (2 each); AK, LA, MD, MT, NE, NM, NV, WV, WY (1 each)
  • First Contacts by month: January, 36; February, 26; March, 13; April, 22; May, 65; June, 28; July, 27; August, 23; Sept, 27; October, 28; November, 15; December, 26
  • Contacts by type: Email (105); Letter (81); Phone (70); Corrlinks (58); Text (20); (1); Facebook (1)

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