Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Ironic: Comments from alleged advocates for children

I find comments in message boards across America quite contrary. I work specifically on sex offender issues, so I'm never surprised by the typical comments that go along the line of "kill/ rape/ brand all sex offenders." What I find even the more ironic is this venom coming from people who claim to be anti-rape. Am I the only one seeing the irony in all this? Why would any person or group so opposed to rape advocating prison rape or other violent crimes? I'd love an explanation.

Two wrongs do not make a right. To say you oppose rape but support rape is hypocrisy.

I think there should be a few rules of commenting for these individuals.

But all those who comment on the boards, please do me a favor. Please learn to spell. A "pedifile" is a file for your feet. Please don't use your "assoicats" degree from the University of Phoenix as credentials. I have a Bachelor's degree from Athens State University. It may not be Harvard, but it's an accredited university. I graduated cum laude. If your GPA is above 3.5 like you claim, please use Latin. Also, I'd prefer you offer something to the debate instead of the same tired comments; references to actual studies is a plus. Also, I stand by my comments publicly, so please do the same. If you are so right and I'm so wrong, why hide your identity? It makes me think you're hiding other things. I guess it would be too much to ask those attacking me personally to actually read my website rather than attack sites. I stand by every word I say.

That is all. Thank you.

PS: If you still don't like me, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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