Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Anarchy in Miami" Spoof Lyrics

Here is the song I wrote for Mary and Kevin's "Americans Reality Check Radio" show for their 2009 Christmas Eve special on 12/24/2009. Click on the link to access the show's Talk Shoe page and archive. I'm sure Ron Book and Gov. Charlie Crist will LOVE this song! (I sang the song on the show, by the way)

Anarchy in Miami [Sung to tune of “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols]
Spoofed lyrics by Derek “The Fallen One” Logue

I am anti-Crist
Ron Book is such a crook
Can’t trust politicians and they just don’t get it
They wanna destroy human lives

And all I ever see, anarchy!
In Miami

Homeless camp at the JTC
National shame for the world to see
Ron Book and Crist hogging media time
Blaming each other for this crime

And all I ever see, anarchy!
In Miami

Using deception just to get what they want
Exploiting the law, knowing it’s flawed
Residency laws just don’t work
But they don’t care because they’re jerks

All I ever see, anarchy!
In Miami

Is this the USSR
Is this state ruled by a czar
Nothing worse than FLA
The dumbest state in the USA
This is a muffed up country
Another council hypocrisy

I don’t wanna see anarchy!
And its time to end anarchy!
Abolish residency laws!
And its time to end anarchy!
Residency laws destroy!

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