Monday, June 11, 2018

ACTION ALERT! ARM announces Maine Art Exhibit protest project “Life on the List”

OnceFallen and the Anti-Registry Movement proudly presents a new public awareness campaign. Please see the info below for details:

*********************************** Presents an Anti-Registry Movement (ARM) Public Awareness Campaign

ARM Art Exhibit
“Life on the List”

WHEN:  September 2018 TBA (Fall Classes Begin 9/4/18)

WHERE: Public venue just outside campus of  USM, Portland, ME

August 21, 2018

What is needed:
  • Monetary donations for art displays and public awareness materials
  • Between 12 and 20 works of visual art from registered citizens (and loved ones) with theme of “Life on the list”

Send art or monetary donations to:
C/O Derek W Logue
8258 Monon Ave., 
Apt. 3
Cincinnati OH 45216
Phone: 513-238-1873

In protest of the University Southern Maine’s recent move to remove art from an exhibit due to the artist’s sex crime conviction from 20 years ago, the Anti-Registry Movement is hosting an outdoor art show/ awareness campaign  in front of USM’s campus once Fall classes begin in early September. We will be passing out literature as well as displaying visual art created by registered citizens and their loved ones. This is not a traditional “protest” and not many volunteers are needed. However, to make this a success, we need people willing to share their art & support this innovative awareness campaign by donating money to the cause.

The art itself is our greatest need! 

If you are donating art, then submit it with the following: Your name (pseudonyms, aliases, and initials are all accepted), your home state, name of artwork, and a brief visual description of what the art depicts. Also, please tell us if you want the art returned to you once the project is over. (I can return it, or keep it as a donation for future art shows or sell to help fund future projects.) Donations are also needed to cover the cost of transporting and displaying the art. Contacts in New England would be helpful.

NOTE: It should be noted we are going to have to get a permit since we will be using tents to help protect the artwork. I'm currently looking into the price.

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