Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lauren Book is using her position as Florida State Senator as a position for revenge

We al know daddy Ron's pulling the strings
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
--Friedrich Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Lauren Book is the worst kind of monster. She is someone who blatantly abuses her position of power in every way possible on her quest of vengeance. We all know that, though most folks are afraid to say it. 

I think she's just a puppet for her convicted criminal daddy Ron. While registered citizens cannot get jobs anywhere, Ron Book still works as a lobbyist even after his conviction for illegal campaign contributions.  I think her role as puppet came out this week when she inexplicably pulled an anti-sex trafficking bill that had unanimous support. (For the record, the bill was bullshit.) Still,  I'm willing to speculate she pulled the bill because daddy Ron likely represents the hotel industry (or at the very least, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America). Going against daddy's wishes would lead to the end of her dubious tenure as a state "senator."

Lauren Book has not really accomplished much in her time as state Senator. In fact, Lauren's sole accomplishment in 2017 was exploiting a legal loophole to allow herself to vote to give her own organization, Lauren's Kids, an extra $1.5 MILLION in taxpayer dollars while sitting on the Senate Appropriations committee. Think about this-- the daughter of a lobbyist who was convicted for illegal campaign funds sat on an appropriations committee (the committee that hands out money) and gave her own organization $1.5 million. To top it off, she even lied about stepping down as CEO if her organization (not that it matters much since Ron Book is still the chairman).

So what is her only real accomplishment of 2018? She got a bill passed that reduces the time a registered citizen can visit Florida before having to register (from 5 days to 3) and expands the use of  mandatory electronic monitoring as punishment for various offenses. I would not be surprised if Ron Book lobbies for the electronic monitoring industry given the fact that GEO Group, the private prison company, has donated to Lauren Book and has hired Ron as a lobbyist. Let's be honest, there is one key reason she wanted to pass this bill -- anti-registry activism. Specifically, my anti-registry activism. 

She is still smarting over getting embarrassed by the Anti-Registry Movement in 2015. Since that time, she has constantly changed up her method of marching across the state. By pushing the law to reduce registration time while visiting, Book hopes to stymie anti-registry protests. If you think that was not the reason for this bill, then I'd like to share statements from her closing statement in her attempt to obtain a restraining order against me in her efforts to prevent me from protesting:

The reality is she cannot handle any form of protest. Our protest was peaceful. Hell, one person who showed up even tried to offer an olive branch to Lauren, which was rejected. The Book family retaliated against my peaceful protest by calling my registration office in an attempt to get me in trouble. However, I was not in Tallahassee long enough to register in Ohio (which already has a three day rule). The fact she suggests protests should be at least 1000 feet from her places of business (that presumably includes the state capitol) is proof enough that Lauren Book's true intention with her vexatious litigation was to silence anti-registry activism. 

It is abundantly clear that Lauren Book is using the law to attack the Anti-Registry Movement. This statement is also a look into the mindset of a woman who is extremely paranoid. Lauren Book believes that everyone who supports OnceFallen is a "pedophile/ sexual predator compatriot." She believes that the film crew from the BBC paid me to protest her (they didn't, and they didn't even use my interview in the final project). The only person intoxicated is Lauren Book, intoxicated with her own power by using unlimited resources to silence a man from Ohio who collects a $750 a month disability check and food stamps. 

Again, Lauren Book used the term "pedophile" to describe everyone who shared my viewpoint that the registry should be abolished. In the eyes of Lauren Book, if you don't support her efforts, YOU are a "pedophile." Still not convinced?

If posting her address was threatening (it is a matter of public record), then how much more is the posting of the addresses of America's registered citizens? I bet I can think of a handful of examples of registered citizens murdered or assaulted by someone who used the registry as a tool for vigilantes. You know, vigilantes like Bikers Against Child Abuse, who rode with her in 2015. 

Whatever happened to Lauren Book does not excuse the fact that Lauren Book is abusing her power in the worst possible way. She is mentally unstable, and as seen by the current state of our Presidential office, it is never a good idea to allow someone as mentally unstable as Lauren Book to have a position of power.
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." -- Lord Acton

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