Monday, March 13, 2017's 2016 Annual Report

Apparently, some folks still don't know what it is that I do with my time and the donations that trickle in to I do many things-- travel to testify against bad legislation or engage in other hands-on projects, run my website and an inmate newsletter (ICoN), and answer hundreds of letters, calls and emails. All of this stuff costs money, of course, and thus, donations help offset the costs. I am a one-man operation with no staff, Board of Directors or tax forms to deal with, which frees me to try many projects other groups can't (or won't) do. The fact that support for has grown exponentially over the past two years has encouraged me to increase my efforts.

It isn't exactly bragging to mention all I have done in the past year, because people who support should be able to see where their support goes. Thus, for all who are curious, here is my Annual Report of OnceFallen's work in 2016.

Individual Inquiries: 

From 291 different individuals (135 by mail, 103 phone, 40 by letter, 13 by phone text, and some from private messages on various websites). Many of these inquiries were of multiple responses.

Individuals corresponded from 37 states plus DC, Puerto Rico and 3 nations (US, UK, and Australia). The states with the largest number of inquiries were New York (29), Florida (27), Ohio (22), Alabama (21), Texas (TX) and California (17). 35 inquiries did not identify their place of residence. States represented: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, Fl, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV, WY. As standard procedure I direct them to state affiliate groups where one exists as well as directing them to national groups like SOSEN and NARSOL for support and further info.

Most inquiries are from registrants or loved ones of registrants; however, I received roughly 40 or so inquiries from college students, journalists, and others who are not registrants. made 14 Media Appearances, including two episodes of HLN's Dr Drew show. Not all my media inquiries lead to an appearance. Some ask for specific types of registrants or simply want some information.

In total, I received 121 letters in the mail in 2016. Many were inmate inquiries, and many asked for ACSOL's 50 state registration/ residency restriction chart of the relief from the registry fact guide from the CCRC, which are up to 20 printed pages each. I request inmates who can do so offset the costs by sending a SASE with 2 stamps for these spreadsheets, but not all can afford them. A few letters came from those not incarcerated but who were either unable to use computers or were not computer savvy.

The Corrlinks newsletter has 156 subscribers at the end of 2016. Corrlinks readers share newsletters with those who are unable to use the inmate email system, thus increasing exposure to our efforts to abolish the registry. individual visitor counter: 133,491 visitors in 2016, up from 110,762 in 2015

Fundraisers and Expenses:

OnceFallen engaged in numerous projects last year. Granted, not every project was as successful as we had hoped, but supporters kept us going for another year.

Trip expenses:

NY ARM protest against Parents For Megan's Law: $1000, which included travel for multiple folks, hotel, and supplies, including costs of sending out letters to 260 registered citizens in Suffolk Co NY.

Oakland Protest: $490, bus/ hotel (shared room with fellow protester) plus sign materials.

Two trips to Columbus Ohio @ $30 each to testify against legislation.

Ft Lauderdale: First visit to the homeless camp, $215 (hotel costs were split with fellow activist)

Atlanta; It only cost me $200 to go to Atlanta and spend two nights; Janice from ACSOL paid my RSOL conference fee (I had only planned to attend the roundtable meeting, and I bought a cheap hotel room under renovation to cut costs by 50%.)

Miami: Christmas at the camp: $934 raised to bring socks, underwear, and other needed goods to the homeless registrant camp, As promised, every dime I raised between October and December went to the camp. OnceFallen's end of the year balance was $0.

OnceFallen website annual fee: $120
New Modem to offset costs of cable company rental modem: $65
Stamps, envelopes, paper and other needed supplies: $335

These trips were only possible through the donations of those who support OnceFallen. Without their donations, I couldn't engage in these projects myself. My personal policy for travel is I find the cheapest form of travel possible and try to find the cheapest hotels, and I will share my room with a fellow activist to offset costs. I only include direct, unique costs related to the event (transportation, hotel, supplies, and even help compensate others who attend when possible.). I do NOT count personal purchases, such as food, clothes or souvenirs as expenses.

This is a one-man operation with an extremely small budget. I do not pay myself a salary with the donations, either. I receive not personal compensation other than the satisfaction of destroying bad legislation and helping those on the registry in need of guidance. This operation has been blessed enough to somehow raise just enough funds to serve its purpose, and I never ask for more than necessary. So to those questioning what it is I do, I'm very transparent. If you want to know what I do with the money, then ask. I also have folks who can verify that I am very low-maintenance and I am very good at trimming expenses.



    New Scandal for Creep Catchers one of the members is now being accused of Identity theft.

    A 29-year-old GTA man who gained attention as a vigilante pedophile hunter is denying accusations of identity theft and the use of photos of minors without their permission. Justin Payne, a construction worker by day in Burlington, spends his evenings luring child predators by posing as kids on dating apps. Eventually, he confronts these predators in person and holds them accountable for their actions, catching the whole thing on videotape.

    He’s become a bit of a celebrity online. Under the name The Payneful Truth on YouTube, Payne’s videos have amassed over 60,000 subscribers and several million views. The comments below videos range from, “You’re a hero” and “Good job, man,” to accusations that he’s a fraud and shouldn’t be doing amateur police work.

    But now, another kind of allegation has surfaced. On April 4, a Toronto teen told CTV she was shocked and frightened to discover that Payne has been using a photo of her to lure predators. She claims she never gave him permission.

    “That’s her, 100 per cent,” Lisa Gaudet, the 17-year-old’s aunt, confirmed to CTV. “My biggest fear is for her safety. He needs to stop.”

    However, Payne denies the allegations, telling Vice, “What is being said is lies and rumours. I’ve had consent for the pictures I use. Same pictures for the past few years.”

    He told Vice that the teenage girl’s mom is his ex-girlfriend.

    Tianna Gerrior, a woman in Oakville who who says she dated Payne from 2015 to 2016, told NOW that she’s concerned he’s been using photos of her children, too. Gerrior has a teenage daughter and five-year-old son.

    “There have been five pictures confirmed of children that he knows,” she says. “Me and a few other women he’s dated are trying to identify the rest.”

    Gerrior says she met Payne online and initially thought of him as a hero. But after some months passed, she realized he had cheated on her and ended the relationship. She began connecting to his other ex-girlfriends and discovered that Payne had maintained at least 17 relationships over 10 months.

    “He would ask people for money. He would say he couldn’t pay his phone bill and a woman would send him $100, or his car broke down and someone would send him $200,” she explains. “It’s like catfishing. He literally plucked these women out of his fan base and manipulated them.”

    She says if it wasn’t about cash or helping him pay bills, it was giving Payne a place to stay, an ego boost, or in some cases, access to children.

    “My daughter was 13 and he recorded her voice to use in his chats, saying things like, ‘Hi I’m at Tim Hortons’ because he wasn’t able to mimic a young girl’s voice. He didn’t have my consent,” she alleges.

    Payne says he doesn't want to comment any further on the accusations, stating through Facebook that he’s hiring a lawyer given the situation.

    According to Gerrior, who hasn’t had contact with Payne since January 2016, there are more women – and their children – waiting to come forward. She wants people who might be fans of his vigilante work to know he has another side to him.

    “He’s hurting people in every form,” she says. “He’s a complete fraud.”


  2. gofund

    This is a attempt to raise funds for a challenge to set a precedence that will dramatically change the current sex-offender registration scheme and to whom it is applied to.
    I have already talked to a couple of civil rights attorneys and the ones I talked to said that we could get the ball rolling and in court for around $8,000 but that cost will increase exponentially the higher this goes in the courts. I need to be able to hire a civil rights attorney to help fine tune this motion and to help me file this properly and to also assist me in the court room if and when this comes to oral arguements. I don't expect anyone to donate but what the h... you can't win if you never play the game, Right....
    Thanks. Be sure to go to my site and read that motion carefully to see if you would be interested in supporting this.