Monday, February 1, 2016

Bad News: HR 515 passed suspension of the rules. Prepare for the Kristallnacht next.

Well folks, it should come as no shock that despite our efforts, there was no objection to passing the Passport marks in HR 515. Now that this bill is passed, how long until we see the Kristallnacht?

I thank those who put forth an unprecedented effort to put a stop to this fascist law, but it appears our efforts fell on deaf ears. WE simply lack the resources to do anything at a national level. There should be thousands, nay, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of folks opposing HR 515. But no matter. I suppose the next step is in litigation (quite frankly, I have my doubts that will be effective).

So in my frustration and anger, I have targeted four Nazi representatives that spoke passionately to pass this fascist law --

Rep. Brendan Boyle
Rep. Chris Smith

Rep. Robert Pittenger

Rep. Ann Wagner
Rep. Brendan Boyle, Rep. Ann Wagner, Rep. Robert Pittenger, and most of all, Rep. Chris Smith, would make the Nazi regime proud. 'Murka has officially joined Nazi Germany by requiring a mark of infamy on the passports of an unpopular group. Quite frankly, everyone on the House floor should've been hanged as a traitor, but I'd settle for a public hanging of these four.


  1. OK... In case you didn't notice, FL & NJ were isolated and neutralized for the presidentials. Unfortunately it seems that they are still pressing ahead with international laws. The idea that the US should pass any "international" law is ridiculous. New power centers are rising in the world and the US is SERIOUSLY weakened. The people working to pass these laws are working for power structures that are located outside (and within) the USA and that is all I can say. This is part of an agenda to destroy "US style Liberty" and IML is the cornerstone of an infrastructure that will see ALL "undesirables" being put on databases. SOs have been targeted because we are a very hard group to defend as we contain a small minority of very dangerous people that scare people. These laws are going to be extended to the world's mafias and although we cannot condone their activity it would be wise to remember their support for Liberty and the liberation of Sicily in WWII. I would not rule out Jews being targeted at a future date either.

    SO laws & IML are not only unconstitutional they are a major threat to US security. Foreign governments can get access to offender registries from a Beijing or Moscow office then fly in on a tourist visa and target registered individuals. Most people are running scared and it wouldn't take much to plant evidence and pressure them into service as either a terrorist or a spy. A nation would do well to keep information on any kind of offender highly confidential for this reason. In fact it's even a national security threat to publish offender information in the newspaper now seeing as foreign spies can access it from anywhere in the world. It will not be long before we see an incident in which an SO has been blackmailed into some kind of subversive activity. Much of the planet is hostile to the USA and even some US politicians are loyal to outside powers.

    To hand over information on US citizens as suggested to foreign countries is lunacy and could only be pushed by an individual who is obviously serving an anti-American agenda based abroad. It would be useful to check whether said individual belongs to any orders that may be hostile to the USA's vision of freedom and democracy. To suggest that information on US offenders should be handed over to SE Asian nations where the intelligence services of the world compete for raw materials and other lucrative trade is laughable. Does this dick think everybody loves America and Americans? Foreign intelligence will set up these people and send them back to the USA as spies or much worse. In fact foreign intelligence is already checking the US public offender database & local newspapers for influential Americans. This used to be a herculean task but has become childs play done from an Interior Ministry office. Sex is being used by hostile intelligence agencies to discredit western forces in Africa as I write this. Our enemies are rolling around laughing at us.


  2. I've also heard that ISIL operatives have been planting child porn on registered sex offenders and blackmailing them. It's so dangerous to leave our personal information available to terrorists and accessible from God knows what country! I was told it has been hushed up but it's going to blow IMHO.

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