Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Justice For All" -- The 5th Annual RSOL Conference is almost here

Hello fellow readers and friends,

The 5th annual Reform Sex Offender Laws is upon us, and I'm proud to announce I will be giving a presentation on Sex Offender Myths. As much as I hate asking for donations, the conference is in Los Angeles and a little more expensive than Albuquerque, so I am asking for my readers to send in a few bucks of you can spare to help offset the costs of attending.

If you wish to donate, my Paypal address is or (you can also use the button on the left)

Or, you can send money in the mail to:

Derek Logue
2559 Eden Ave #14
Cincinnati, OH 45219

If you would like to attend the RSOL Conference, you can learn more info by going to the official RSOL Conference site @

I am sure some readers are curious for an update to my documentary on the Port Angeles murders, which I had hoped would be finished by the time of the conference. Well, unfortunately I hit a few snags in collecting some relevant info, plus conversing with the killer -- yes I have received correspondence from Patrick Drum and am trying to set up some way of getting him in the film, but the Washington DoC refuses to allow us to film the event. Plus, I am still in need of a Forensic Psychologist to give an expert opinion of Drum. His letters  are... disturbing, to say the least. And, in light of the "I Killed My BFF" documentary, I wanted to get his response to it.

As it gets closer to the conference, I'll write about my experiences at last year's conference.

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