Saturday, November 12, 2011

Note to detractors: Learn to read

It never ceases to amaze me how many people in America lack basic reading comprehension. I'm not surprised how many people give themselves away by the things they say online.

In case my many followers are wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to a recent comment I never bothered to publish due to the implicit death threat it contained. Turns out it was from No Peace For Predators, a violent vigilante group based in Orange Park, FL. I discussed this group and their leader David Rowe at length on my vigilante watch blog. As with most of the other vigilantes I have written about over the years at AZUnites, those who peruse such violent groups tend to be devoid of rational thought and spend most of their days discussing ways to harass former offenders, or worse. It is easy to spot the hypocrisy. It is also amazing how blatant they can be about harassing others.

David Rowe (Center) of No Peace For Predators claims to be a Christian,
but his words and actions say otherwise. 
It would really help society if people like members of No Peace for Predators would go back to school and take some remedial reading comprehension skills. I remember back in grade school in reading class we read paragraphs and stories and answered questions on what I read. Should I make a Q&A session after every article? Maybe it will help lower level readers grasp simple concepts.

They criticized my recent article in their ignorance, but anyone with half a brain would understand the gist of my editorial. no one is comparing sex offenses to the common cold; the article was a warning against using simple minds and thoughts (like those common in members of NPFP) to try to solve complex problem. It was a warning against simple and unreasonable terms like "cure," when the REAL experts all agree that management, treatment and accountability are terms that should be used instead. Maybe that is the REAL reason why a rabid and blind group like No PPFP can never understand how to prevent sexual abuse in the first place.

The word "tough" is not the same as the word "smart." Oxen are strong but dumb, hence the derogatory expression "strong as an ox and half as smart." Tough on crime isn't the same as smart on crime. Allowing thugs like David Rowe harass individuals, even anonymously on Google Blogspot, is not smart. To be honest, cowardly comments written anonymously is not smart either.

Thankfully, legislators and courts are beginning to listen to reason. The entire approach to preventing sexual abuse must be completely re-evaluated and overhauled. It does not take a brain to "solve problems" with your fists, but true problem solving comes from the mind, NOT the body.

ADDENDUM: If people don't want their personal communications published, then they need to keep their comments to themselves. Below is a laughable email from one of NPFP's retarded followers:

From Colleen Perry (
I am requesting you remove my sons photograph and my name (coleen perry) from your blog/website or wherever else you may have posted the screenshot (the most recent photo on your blog from facebook) containing my sons photo. I request you at least blur the image. I do believe i retain all ownership and rights over my sons photo and I do not release it for personal or otherwise use to anyone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

All I can say is if you don't like your communications public, DO NOT make public comments where people can read them. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people who support thugs like NPFP can be. On a related topic, maybe Colleen, like other FB users, should not post pics of their ugly kids online in the first place. I didn't even notice the pic until now but I don't plan on changing it since she made public comments accessible online. I protect my privacy, they should learn to do the same. 

PS: Crying to Mothers Against Pedophiless didn't help, huh? It is still here, deal with it.


  1. People also need to keep their idle threats to themselves. I find it laughable some threatens me with jail time over this post. Good luck with that :)

    Seriously though, the police won't waste their time over a blog post-- if they did, they would have arrested the very people I've profiled a long time ago. Also, I suggest you look up Fair Use Laws.

  2. Looks like NPfP is a group of bullies. Bullying is frowned upon, generally, so they looked for the "easy target" those deemed "S.O.s" by the law. Society alway seems to have one group to label undesireable, "S.O." is the new label
    60 years ago,the same type of bullies wore jack boots and Swastikas

  3. They're no different than those other bullies who thought that spreading lies about me all over the internet would shut me up. Well it didn't.

  4. As someone trained in Somatic Psychotherapy, if you don't mind, I would correct your comment that says " true problem solving comes from the mind, NOT the body." This is a huge part of the problem in sexual misconduct cases and in dealing with "thugs" like the NPFP. The TRUTH is we are all WHOLE, our minds influence our bodies and our bodies influence our minds.

    We need input from BOTH the MIND and the BODY, as we look to management, treatment, and accountability given how much energy, personally, financially, and through law enforcement is spent in protecting citizens from potential harm. The body doesn't lie and those who have been abused sexually and those who treat the trauma residuals from any sort of sexual misconduct KNOW.

    I see many of the acts that get people on registries more along the realms of addictive behaviors. Yes, there are those few who are sociopaths that rape and murder innocent victims and that is the problem here. Yes, we need to identify THOSE REAL PREDATORS, not label those who have found themselves on a Registry for LIFE, who actually did no harm to anyone.

    Fear is a power motivator, it is also one of the most contagious of all emotions. That is due to the developmental fact that we are mammals that used to roam the Earth and had other predators stalking us.

    Now some of us, very few actually, stalk those innocent and more vulnerable than ourselves. This is what the Registry is trying to protect again, yet it is backfiring due to how we are WIRED IN OUR BRAINS.

    The fear that arises as we NEED to protect ourselves from any threat is a natural survival response. Yet it is working against us in sex cases, both in the judicial system and in our communities at large, since we miss looking to the BODY for evidence.

    The good news is we have an organ - the HEART - that is neurological wired with connections to both the brain, our minds, and our bodies. It is through the HEART that the conflict on all levels of this debate between good and evil will find resolution.

    Not in words that originate from the mind, or in fists that originate in the body.

    It will be our WHOLENESS that will create resolution. Being in either camp continues the division and only with UNITY within ourselves will this conflict be resolved.

    ... just my opinion ... Blessings to all of us who experience the SPLIT that is being acting out even in our courtrooms. It is all born of ignorance and fear, and this is why there is so much confusion in our communities when it comes to sexual offenses.

    The healing will only happen when we step into our Hearts and look for the TRUTH, and stop REACTING out of FEAR, and putting people away for long periods of time when their "alleged" crimes do not warrant the sentence or being placed on a Registry.

    We all need to heal, those in NPFP and those on RSO lists and the healing will come when we step into our HEARTS and EXPERIENCE OUR HUMANNESS.

    I pray, as Brain Science takes a stronger hold in our courts, and in psychology, this knowledge will become par and parcel to any and every case brought before a judge, jury, or treatment team.

  5. Well, in this instance, I was referring to using your brain rather than your fists.

    David Rowe of No Peace For Predators feels the only way to solve problems is to punch and scare people with his fists. I'm superior to him because I use my brain rather than my brawn to solve issues.

  6. I also disagree to some extent on the heart issue, as the "heart" or emotions have led us to this problem with the laws in the first place. There are times when we allow emotions to override logic.

  7. To the poster that wanted their pics and post removed.

    Did they read the Terms and Conditions when they posted that picture to their profile? I believe that most sites now operate like Facebook. Which means that once you upload a picture and it is posted online, it is now the property of the site in which you posted it on. Which means that YOU no longer OWN that photo or the rights to redistribute it.

    This is something that will never cease to amaze me, is that people believe that there is some kind of regulation over the internet. That they don't believe that once something is posted on ONE server that it is replicated through out the web in a matter of moments once the webcrawlers come through to 'discover' it. It is now PUBLIC, not private. If you wanted it to be private you shouldn't have uploaded it to any web device.

    For those that make threats and believe that they are 'above' the law, what goes around comes around.

  8. I've had so many empty threats over the years I can't keep up with all of them. But i'm still here. NPFP won't be the last and they aren't the first.

    Look, I don't care if my readers agree with me or not. Everyone has a right to their opinions. I don't like everyone else's opinions. However, if you are a detractor, don't waste your time writing filth like threats or insults, because I immediately delete them and flag it for spam.

  9. We are publishing the photo on our end.