Monday, August 30, 2010

Once Fallen registry poll

There is a little debate regarding whether the registry should be reformed or abolished (or even expanded). I have created a poll to gauge how my readers view the registry, so please take a minute to vote. The poll is to the right, just below the graphic of my book. It only takes a second, so please vote today!


  1. The registry is a joke. Here in Texas the Dept of Public Safety can't keep up with the comings and goings of their so called RSO's. For instance, I know of a young man who has been in county jail for 3 weeks. The registry still has not reflected this change.

    Sure glad I don't rely on it for my safety. :)

  2. The recidivism rate is and has remained at the same low rate as four years prior to implementation of the registry. Where have our billions gone? Of course there must be a registry or states will lose 10% of their Byrne Grant funding for non-compliance. Is this the same 10% they will lose for failure to comply with AWA? The feds have been holding states hostage for way too long. A 10% loss would be welcomed.

  3. Rod,
    The registry is harmful to the public and jeopardizes our entire society. It does not protect anyone. It not only endangers children and society but ruins the lives of former offenders and especially their families.

    There are many horror stories of vigilantism and harassment.

    I say, abolish the registry! The public cannot handle it!!

  4. I personally feel the registry should be abolished. It has come to this. The witch hunt has only expanded over the years.

    Speaking of Texas, the registry "saves" children as young as 10 by placing them on the registries.

  5. I've been thinking about this very same topic "Reform V. Abolish" the registry.

    In the past I have been for "reform." However, after watching the effects for a number of years, I'm persuaded that it must be "ABOLISHED!"

    The harm that the registry does is horrendous to everyone! I say, "ABOLISH" the damn thing. To do anything else is to POLISH A TURD!

  6. the registry should go! it is harmfull to all of us being "listed" anyone can look up where the person lives and harm him/her and the does not keep anyone safer and the slogan"if it saves only one child"is redicolous, saving this only one child only to hunt it down as a teenager makes absolutely no sense!

  7. This is my story of being an sex offenders wife. It is really hard to be humble as the ex-wife of an offender when you have lost everything you own or thought was important in your life when the victim is a lifetime registrant for a violent sexual offense. I am being used to cover up the victim's acts. I did not do anything. Moving 3 times in one year, the harassment, the cyber bullying, having to quit jobs because his mother and her friends came in to confront me. Tried to get my disability payments stopped. Lied about me and even more lies. And no one stood up except my son. My whole identity is no longer there. Everything that said this is Amy and this was important to me is no longer there. Even my husband's conviction is a lie to cover up for this sociopath. They were convicted at the same time. The threats and don't say go to the authorities because they do not do a damn thing. I am too emotional. That is the justice system and that is your so called God. And we can't say we are victims too

  8. Dear "anonymous" wife of an SO,

    Hearing stories like yours breaks my heart and solidifies my belief the registry should be eradicated.

    It seems there is quite a divide in the movement. I say if we give an inch they take a mile. Fuck the registry!