Thursday, September 22, 2022

ARM 2023 DC VIGIL on 3/7/23 and WAR's Conference: "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" 3/5/23 to 3/6/23

Anti-Registry Groups are staging a vigil commemorating the terrible landmark ruling of Smith vs Doe, decided in March 2023, which declared the registry is not punitive. There is also a conference preceding the vigil. See details below. 


Once Fallen encourages those who can only attend one event to make that event the vigil. We need a strong PUBLIC showing. 


The vigil that will take place at the steps of the US Supreme Court building on the morning of Tuesday, March 7th 2023, marks the 20th anniversary of the controversial SCOTUS ruling Smith v. Doe which concluded the public sex offense registry is not punitive (punishment) and constitutional safeguards do not apply. There is a large sidewalk in front of the SCOTUS building we can gather without a permit. The boundary is the lowest step leading to the SCOTUS Plaza (the large over shaped area before the steps to the SCOTUS Bldg.) This still gives us ample space for hundreds of people. 

We cannot stand on the grounds/plaza, but there is ample room on the public sidewalk. 

There are a few regulations regarding protest/vigil signs allowed near the SCOTUS building in regards to size and construction (not content). See these rules at:

For further discussion on protests at SCOTUS you might want to read this:

You do not have to sign up for/attend the conference to attend the vigil, and you are not required to attend the vigil if you only wish to attend the conference. However, I encourage you to attend both if possible. 

WAR is planning on using arranged transportation for visits to Capitol Hill and the vigil. However, if staying away from the hotel and are traveling independently to Capitol Hill and/or the vigil, you might want to consider leaving your car at the hotel and taking the METRO subway system. The “Capitol South Station” subway stop is a mere 2.5-block walk north to the SCOTUS building, and the Blue, Silver, and Orange subway lines make this stop. (If taking a different line you’ll have to transfer to the aforementioned lines.) For details on using the METRO rail system, go to:

Weather in DC can vary greatly. In 2022, March 5-7 saw mostly sunny weather with a high temperature between 55 degrees and 75 degrees and lows in the 40s and 50s, followed by rain and a cooldown with highs in the 40s. You may wish to plan for both a warm day and a cold day (and even a wet day) if you plan to attend the vigil. 

Start making your plans today to attend this historic event!


See this link for more details and to sign up for the conference. WAR has a special hotel rate at a hotel in Alexandria VA:

If you are a Person Forced to Register and you are staying in VA or in DC to attend these events, you do not have to register if you are just visiting and are returning home after the events. 

WAR is hosting a two-day conference preceding the vigil. The conference runs Sunday, March 5th, 2023 and Monday, March 6th, 2023. Keynote speakers include Virginia Representative Bobby Scott, one of the few legislators bold enough to speak out openly against the registry. On Monday afternoon, conference attendees will engage a visit to Capitol Hill and meet with our elected officials.

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  1. I only plan on attending the vigil, and if you plan on only attending one event, come to the VIGIL.


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